Wonder Festival 2009 Summer ~ Alter

Miyafuji YoshikaNot really new stuff, just a closer look at Alter’s figures that was on display during Wonder Festival 2009 Summer yesterday. Photos via Akibahobby.net.

Still my most anticipated figures for the event, was quite surprise seeing a painted version of Yui there cause I was only expecting to see Mio. Hopefully Alter will release Ritsu and Mugi as well and not left us collectors hanging.

Mio face is looks a tad off, hopefully the final version will be better.

Yui is well perfect I would say ^^

The Noumi from Little Buster! that went up for PO recently

Mercedes from Odin Sphere, she looks very nice, kinda like the colors.

Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles, loves those flowing hair ^^

Clalaclan from Shining Wind (or Tears). It’s a very early sculpt though.

Another Saber maid ver. The previous one was very nice and detailed, seems like this new version is the same as well.

Alter rendition of Saber Lily, not as impressive as GSC version but still nice nonetheless.

Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches

Some figures from ToHeart 2 series

Alter is adding another 2 characters to their Ikkitousen series, hoping to see Sonsaku Hakufu later.

Kakouen Myousai

Ryomou Shimei

Black Alice from Makai Tenshi Dijibril 3

Kujikawa Rise from Persona 4

Fatina from Tower of Druaga

Kaaya from Tower of Druaga

Shihodo Narika

Yagyu Jubei from Hyakka-Ryoran

Hattori Hanzo from Hyakka-Ryoran

Sanada Yukimura from Hyakka-Ryoran

Figures from Nanoha series

Takamachi Nanoha, The Movie 1st ver. Might get this since I don’t have a loli version of Nanoha ^^

Shamal from StrikerS series

Comes with a puppy Zafira

Alter Fate, releasing next month ^^

Alter Nanoha

Kos-Mos, articulated too, seems like Alter going into action figure as well.

Linebarrel mecha

Full Metal Panic! Mecha