Witchblade and Lacus

Latest addition to my growing figure collection is Kotobukiya 1/6 Witchblade Installing version, and man she’s huge. Will have a photo session with her and Amaha Masane soon. Before that needs to get some inspiration, hmmm maybe watching Witchblade anime and digging up my old Witchblade comics might help.

The two Lacus are for my housemate’s friend, the guy is crazy on anything to do with Kira Yamato, including collecting Kira’s girlfriend figures. Both the Lacus looks pretty good, I hope RAHDX gonna release a Kira figure so that I can put him together with my Freedom gundam.

After this purchase, there probably won’t be another purchase until Sheng Hua and Sana Horiuchi are release, unless I went on another impulse buy. Hopefully I don’t, need to save up for Death Note nendroid, gonna get all four of them and they cost 3000 yen each…