Warhammer 40K, The Horus Heresy Collected Visions

I have gotten quite interested in Warhammer 40K, ever since I played Dawn of War II that was release last year. It also got me started reading novels from the Warhammer 40K series, the first being Dawn of War Omnibus which expand the story from the first Dawn of War game. My interest in the series grew as I read the novel and I began reading more books from the series, like the Blood Angel Omnibus, The Horus Heresy series, both the Space Wolf Omnibus and more recently the Grey Knights Omnibus.

The series that I was most interested in was the Horus Heresy series that tells of the betrayal of Horus, the once loyal Warmaster, against the Emperor of Mankind. That was the reason I got this book The Horus Heresy Collected Visions that contains Visions of War, Visions of Darkness, Visions of Treachery and Visions of Death. This book contains artworks and background of the Horus Heresy series, from the ultimate betrayal of Horus to the final battle between father and son.



Some shots of the artwork from the book.





I got my first taste of Warhammer Invasion The Card Game while at my friend shop last weekend. It was my first time playing and was pretty noob at it. The game is quite interesting though but sadly it’s based on the fantasy Warhammer and not Warhammer 40K that I have always prefered.

Decided to check out Fantasy Flight Games to see what other Warhammer game they have and low and behold! They will be releasing a board game based on the Horus Heresy series! It hasn’t been release yet and no release date was mention, though I would really be interested in it once it has been release, hopefully can find some player to play withme ^^.