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Hmmm haven’t updated my blog much lately, between catching up to some of my backlog of animes, editing photos from one of my previous portrait shoot, I didn’t really have time to shoot any of the recent figures that I had purchase. So I thought I’ll just do a post on some of the recent stuff I got instead XD.

Bought Air Gear vol. 9 recently, well maybe not that recent hahaha and also Megami Deluxe vol. 10 at Kinokuniya. Found the megami when I was at Kino recently with Aiko, and found out that there’s a nekomimi Feito poster inside YAY. The poster its the same as the illustration on the cover but since I am a Feito fanboy, I am just gonna mention her xD.

Figures pic after the jump but NSFW though so BEWARE.

Some recent figures I purchased, Alter Chua Churam, Yamato Ringo, and Kotobukiya Tamaki with Froggy Mikulu stamp of approva ^^. Will try to do a shoot for them as soon as possible hehe xD.

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