Unexpected haul

Decided to visit my local hobby store today during lunch hour as it’s been a while since I been there. Check out their website before hand on what’s available, especially those older figures that I plan to get. When I reach there something else caught my eyes instead, lo and behold, its Shunya Yamashita Rosanna starring right at me.

Now Shunya’s stuff been getting a lot of spotlight lately with Danny’s review on Mirei-san and super rats beautiful photos of Rosanna, so I have been planning to get one of Shunya’s figure myself. I wanted to get Mirei-san, but she’s sold out everywhere, so I though I might as well wait for Non-non in August. Never would have thought that I will still be able to get Rosanna and here she’s on the shelf starring right at me.

It would have been quite an easy choice but then I was quite interested in getting another figure that’s just next to Rosanna, and she’s Amaha Masane casual dress version by Kotobukiya. Well if you compare the two of course Rosanna would have win hands down but Amaha Masane was cheaper :) .

After looking at the two and putting them down, and looking at them again I guess the guy there decided to help me out by telling me that’s the last Rosanna they have, non of their branches have her anymore. So in the end I took both of them and put them on the counter. Few minutes later I walk out of the store with my wallet lighter but with a grin on my face for getting two very nice figures :) .

Oh well enough of story, now for a preview pictures….. tada


And here’s a link for you to enjoy more of Shunya Yamashita’s artwork