Toys Workz @ TAF ’08

We went back to where we started our first figures display booth, last Saturday at Taylor’s Anime Fest 2008. A lot of things has changed since then, the number of ppl in the group has grown and so has the number of figures on display.

This is our booth, with our very own Kanpan Musume, Aiko xD.

Choir singing a song from FMA, not really sure which song though.

Some dancing to start of the event.

Commander Chaos as Lucky Chaos this time around xD.

Some new faces in our display. The rest are pretty much the same as the previous event.

Photogs waiting for the cosplay competition to start.

Cosplay competition finally started after being delay for hours.

Interesting skit by Ichigo and Commander Chaos.

Icecream, hmm I forgot what she was cosplaying as.

E_G trying to be moe xD.

Group shot of the gang.

And finally, the best thing that happen to me that day was getting my hand on Nendoroid Puchi Froggy Mikuru. Well actually E_G got it, but I ask him to sell it to me, he was nice enough to do that xD.

Overall the event was better than C2AGE that was held recently, but still kinda lack luster. The organizing was horrible, with the cosplay competition being delayed for hours. Well still had some fun with the TFM gang as usual, having display at this kinda of event became sort of a gathering for us figures collectors here now xD.