The Gallery @ Comic Fiesta

Looking for photos of one of the biggest Anime event in Malaysia? Look no more, as Comic Fiesta has just open their brand new gallery filled with photos from the latest Comic Fiesta event.

Click the link below to go to the gallery and enjoy the photos, you might even find yourself in one of them…

Comic Fiesta Gallery

And on other news…

Animation Comes to Live: An Exclusive Collection of Anime Artworks

On behalf of our sponsors, we’d like to ask your help! Pick up a copy
of “Animation Comes to Live: An Exclusive Collection of Anime
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of the 30-hour Famine and One Life exhibition.

Who’s in the artbook? All home-grown talents like Santa Fung,
Maxsterism, Puppeteer, Ho Seng Hui, Alan Quah! So when you pick up
this book, you’re not just supporting World Vision, but you’ll also be
supporting Malaysia’s very own comic and animation artists!

Please direct all enquiries to:

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