The Face Of After The Family Akai Will Be Discounted in Conan Movie 2020?

Just debuting visual and announcing the title the day before, the official trailer for the movie has also been posted on the website.

This is the 24th movie of the famous Detective Conan series. The full title is Meitantei Conan: Hiiro no Dangan (Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet).

Summary information for some characters:

  • Shuichi Akai is agent F.B.I, the main character in the battle with the Black Organization. He once faked his identity as Dai Moroboshi and infiltrated the Foundation, where he was given the code name Rye. During this time, he feuded with Gin and had a romantic relationship with Akemi Miyano.
  • Mary Sera is a Japanese-English hybrid and used to live in London. She married Akai Tsutomu and moved to Japan after her husband disappeared while investigating a double murder case involving the Black Organization. The author was also revealed by the author as “The sister outside the territory “and is said to be the mother of the Akai family.
  • Sera Masumi is a student detective who is in the same class as Ran and Sonoko. They met on a bus route and went to the Haido hotel together. And there, they witnessed Conan solve the case. Sera is quite hilarious, likes to joke around, is good at eliminating the religion, very admires her mother because she has a huge round (but we have never met her so I am not sure yet). If anyone met her for the first time, it would be hard to believe she was a girl because her breasts were so small, like a “flat screen”. In chapter 821, Sera called Akai (fake, Vermouth disguised) as Shuu-nii (Shuu brother). So Sera is Akai’s younger sister. (The girl with the schoolgirl costume).
  • Shukichi Haneda is a professional shogi player, the former boyfriend of police officer Yumi Miyamoto in the Detective Conan manga and anime. He is also a member of the Akai family, the brother of Masumi Sera and the younger brother of Shuichi Akai. (The other character).

The film will focus on the FBI guy – Shuichi Akai with his brother and a genius in playing professional shougi – Shukichi Haneda, his younger sister and also high school detective Masumi Sera, finally the mother Mary Sera and Edogawa Conan.

In the movie, Japan is celebrating World Sports Games (WSG), the world’s largest sporting event in Tokyo. The train is set to run from Shin Nagoya Station to Tokyo Station at a speed of 1000km/h. However, a strange incident occurred at the party of famous sponsors, followed by a series of kidnapping of executives. Conan linked the case of a mass kidnapping case at WSG 15 years ago in Boston.