Bamboo blade is another anime that I just watch recently, yeah I am a bit slow in catching up to the latest anime due to my preference in watching them only when they are completed xD. After seeing Tama-chan in the anime I just can’t resist in getting her, and I find Kotobukiya version to be the better representation of her, minus those resin/pre-painted resin at e2046 of course ^^.

Tama-chan is dressed in her protective armor with her shinai and head gear in each arm. Unfortunately she’s screwed to the base, even though it’s possible to remove the screws, the peg is under her foot and not on the base, so she can’t stand without her base. Her base is made to look like wooden floor, but didn’t really work though since it’s still look too plastic.

Tama-chan name on her protective armour, pretty good detail on the armour and head gear.

She does looks like this in the anime xD.

Overall a decently made figure from Kotobukiya, not much complain on it except for the obvious seam lines on both her arms. The paint job looks good too.

Was kinda trying to make the setting to look like a dojo, but I don’t really have necessary stuff to do that. A 1/6 katana and sort of potted plant to make it less plain xD.

Tamaki Kawazoe
Series: Bamboo Blade
Scale and Material: 1/8 pre-painted PVC
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 5500 Yen
Released: August 2008
Added to collection: August 2008
Availability: available at Hobby Search
Photo taken using: Canon EOS 400D with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM and EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens. Additional lighting provided by Speedlite 580ex II triggered using a wireless trigger. Camera triggered by using Phottix Cleon wireless remote trigger.