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Manga Rock site shuts down with Launch of beta app for INKR comics

On Tuesday, manga aggregator app Manga Rock shut down its website and launched a beta app for Android and iOS devices for INKR Comics, which is a new legitimate comics distribution platform. The service is cooperating with publishers such as North American comic and manga publisher Comic Loft, FanFan, Tokyopop, and Tan Comics to digitally publish manga, manhua, and webtoons. The staff of INKR Comics revealed a sample of the launch comic lineup on Sunday.

The platform features the following comics: Su Brothers’ School Life from Comic Loft; Battle Through the Heavens from Zhiyin Animation; Generation Wu by Han, Shaohui Li, and Billy Tan from Tan Comics; Hero And Shero from Tan Comics, and A World Ruled By Cats by Jian Jian from FanFan.

The app’s beta features Home and Explore tabs, an account system, and an adaptive viewer, and it will also add features like My Library and personalized recommendations in the near future.

The developer had once announced plans to make MR Comics a totally official comic platform. Its aim for the platform was to raise awareness of the issues of scanlations, develop contracts and relationships with creators and publishers, set up tools for creators and publishers to monetize and distribute content, as well as convert free scanlation readers and buyers of official content.

Staff formerly planned to remove all pirated content from Manga Rock last year and keep the service accessible while they are developing MR Comics but finally, they decided to remove Manga Rock while MR Comics are being developed since they were still hosting and supporting the practices of piracy inadvertently through the previous service.

Manga Rock launched in 2010, allowing users to either read manga chapters online or download them for reading offline. The disclaimer for the app confirmed that all manga, character, as well as logos belong to their copyright owners. It also stressed that Not A Basement Studio doesn’t have any affiliation with the website hosting the unauthorized manga scans.