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If you are a fan of Manga or Anime then you should go to these places

The team that went to Japan probably knew that Japan is famous for manga and anime. These are considered as spiritual entertainment products for the Japanese people and later it was popularized all over the world. If you are a true fan of Japanese manga and anime, then this article is for you. In this article, I will suggest to you interesting and interesting places dedicated to Otaku.

Akihabara Street is located in the center of Tokyo, the center of famous game, manga and anime culture in Japan. In addition, this place is also famous for electronics and household items.

du lịch tokyo tự túc

This is considered a “paradise” with manga shops and anime flooded the streets. On weekends, there will be cosplayers of manga and anime characters walking around this neighborhood, which is very interesting.

If you are a hard fan of One Piece then obviously this is the place to come. This is a huge and monumental amusement park built in the style of One Piece, located at the foot of Tokyo TV tower, in the city of Minato.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Công viên One Piece

There are lots of cool games in this area and many One Piece themed attractions, cafes, restaurants and restaurants. You should spend more time discovering it all.

The feature of the Ghibli Museum is that there are no designated sightseeing routes. So visitors are free to start from where they like and in the way they find most interesting. In the museum there are fake doors with the invitation to “Let’s become also lost children”. And behind those doors is the world in Ghibli that will make you curious to discover you don’t want to go home.

Gundan Museum is located on the 7th floor of Diver City Tokyo Plaza shopping center in Odaiba. There is a very famous robot model, the 18-meter-high Gundam robot that stands outside the Diver City building. The beauty of the “super huge” robot models of the museum will make you overwhelmed.

The hit manga was made into a movie

Many Japanese comics have been on the big screen and left a certain mark in the audience.

Death Note: This is the famous comic series written by Ohba Tsugumi and illustrated by Obata Takeshi. The manga revolves around a high school student who decides to eliminate evil from the world thanks to a mysterious notebook. This book can kill anyone whose name is on it.

As of May 2006, Death Note is the sixth best-selling manga in Shueisha’s history with over 15 million copies sold separately in Japan. In particular, Episode 7 alone sold about 1,2 million copies. Fans of Japanese comics voted Death Note as one of the 10 best manga of all time. Death Note movie version also became a hit film in Japan in 2006.

Nhung bo manga an khach duoc chuyen the thanh phim hinh anh 4

Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball is no stranger to many people. This comic series is even attached to the childhood of many generations.

Throughout the journey, Son Goku meets many friends and fights against the villains who intend to use the wishes of the holy dragon to dominate the world. This comic series has made a name for author Akira Toriyama.

In 2009, 20th Century Fox studio bought the copyright of the work from Akira Toriyama and edited the film version of the series with the name Dragon Ball: Evolution. However, after its debut, this film was not appreciated by fans and quickly forgotten.

Nhung bo manga an khach duoc chuyen the thanh phim hinh anh 5

Attack on Titan: The series began to be published on Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine on September 9, 2009. After that, Attack on Titan was aggregated into 15 episodes as of December 9, 2014. The story is about the world in which people live in cities surrounded by thick walls to hide the Titans – giant humanoid creatures that eat people without reason.

The original plot centers on Eren Yeager, adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and childhood friend Armin Arlert. The three joined the army against the Titans after witnessing their home town being conquered. They also want revenge for Eren’s mother – the victim of a carnivorous Titan.

The flower of the autumn of Japan symbolizes eternal love

When the first maple leaves fall, it is easy to feel the tenderness of the autumn lady. Among the seven famous flowers of autumn in Japan, sand blossoms possess elegance and pride. This flower has created a very unique autumn flavor – the fragrance of eternal love.

Sand blossoms, also known as wing blossoms, are perennial, bellflower plants, often distributed in northeastern Asia, including Japan. In Japan, wing sand is one of the indispensable signs of autumn, called KIKYO.

Also known as Endymion, the sand wing has its own anecdote about silent love. In Greek myth, the moon goddess Selene secretly falls in love with a shepherd boy named Endymion. Endymion did not know that love, he just wished to be young forever, accepting this prayer Zeus gave him a natural sleep.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hoa cát cánh

Selene was sad, every night when darkness enveloped her and returned to earth to visit Endymion in pain and despair. Many opinions say that the sand blossoms are also the tears of this god.

Originally the only species in the genus Platycodon, Kikyo blooms like a large bell and comes in many colors like blue, purple and pink. With persistent vitality, Kikyo symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness and loyalty. The flower is directed to a unique and eternal love, according to wikilover

One of the distinctive features of the petals is the fragrant smell of flowers, flowers are often a gift for people in love with the wish of a pure and innocent love. During the blooming season, Kikyo creates a forest of purple flowers like a picture given to people when autumn comes but flowers are ready to refuse right after being taken away: the bell-shaped flowers will drop quickly.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hoa cát cánh

Those studying and working in Japan can find “Land of Sand Wing” at Kokusho Temple, Kameoka City, Kyoto or Kosho Temple in Shuchi City, Fukuoka Prefecture to admire this beautiful flower. Rozan pagoda in Kamigyo district, Kyoto – where Murasaki Shikibu once wrote the masterpiece “Genji Story”, the flower garden of the temple has been called “Genji Garden” in Showa period too.

Have you ever been curious about how Japanese people think about their Manga and Anime culture

Manga and anime have become indispensable spiritual dishes for many fans in the world. Even with a simple keyword on Google, you absolutely can find thousands of results, or many forums and groups on this topic.

What about in Japan, the home of anime and manga, will they really enjoy and admire them?

To clarify this issue, a quick survey was conducted by Mainichi Shimbun – one of the most popular newspapers, as well as having a high readership in Japan. The survey lasts up to 3 months, for all ages, genders and results from all parts of the country of the rising sun to ensure the most objective. And in fact, the result will probably surprise you.

Manga và anime là một phần văn hóa của người Nhật

Out of 3500 surveys from Japanese readers, 65% of respondents feel interested in their country’s manga and anime culture. Even, they are proud and think that this is one of the unique cultural features, contributing to promoting the image, country, people of Japan to world friends.

Through manga and anime, you can not only immerse yourself in adventures, immerse yourself in the characters in the manga and cartoons, but also have the opportunity to learn about the culture, lifestyle, history and most. Japanese people. That is also the most common reason why they feel manga and anime as a national pride.

Hình ảnh một quán café manga tại Nhật Bản

However, 30 percent of the respondents do not care about anime or manga. This is not strange either. As we all know, in Japan, the quality of hard work, and the responsibility for work are almost the common point of the people here.

The image of office workers burying their heads in paper files high to their face, or the scene of them sleeping on the roadside after a long and tiring day is not new. And for such people, telling them to spend their time interested in manga or anime is something too luxurious.

Japanese sports and dreams from Manga – Anime

You probably still remember the 2002 World Cup, when Korea and Japan were co-hosts. If Korea is surprised by defeating Turkey in the 3-4 match, Japan can only pass the group stage. However, while South Korea’s success has made great merits by referees and Guss Hiddink, Japan’s achievement shows that they deserve to be a country with the most developed sports – second in the region, few especially in football.

Although it has never been appreciated in the international arena, Japanese people have always wished for and achieved higher achievements for the country’s sports. A big contribution to this is the series of sports-themed manga-anime that were born with a very decent investment from artists.

From popular sports like soccer, basketball, tennis or baseball to less popular subjects like bowling or billard ……. and still very, many other manga-anime. The common feature of these manga-anime series is that their Japanese team is not always popular but has a very strong fighting spirit and strives to achieve the best results.

In addition, they also have very monstrous moves and often cannot be real or have unbelievable superhuman abilities. All of this highlights the Japanese belief in the development of home sports and their pride in the traditional Samurai spirit, without surrender in any situation.

Hopefully, in the near future, sports manga-anime will set the stage for the international dream of Japanese sports to reach higher, more wonderful achievements than they are showing.  Besides other popular genres in the anime world, sports anime is quite popular because they give the audience a lot of spiritual value.

All sports are most popular from football, basketball, baseball, racing, etc. to sports even though the frequency is less, but equally interested in swimming, racing, and football. Lines, table tennis, tennis, go, oval … all appear in the anime!

So if you need more motivation to be able to start training or play a certain sport, try watching one of their anime. But you need to know that the serial number of the anime doesn’t tell which one is better than the other because each person has a favorite sport so this assignment is meaningless.

The unique learning culture in Japan through Anime and Manga

Manga and Anime is an industry of comic that brings in billions of dollars every year in Japan. Those are the important part of contemporary Japanese culture. Manga and Anime have brought the image of Japan around the world through characters such as Songoku, Doraemon, Pokemon and more recently that’s Luffy and Naruto.

Every week in Japan, there are dozens of comic magazines published, including Shounen Jump or Magazine Special. The Anime is screened on all channels with higher rating than regular TV series. Some of Studio Ghibli’s films also earned over $ 100 million in cinemas and many prestigious awards.

One of the highlights of the Manga and Anime is that it brings a wealth of knowledge and diversity. The content of them rated even more important than the image. So artists have to read a lot of material to be able to build rational and compelling stories.

Each Manga is often associated with a specific subject or occupation. So readers can gain more expertise from it in a more understandable and dynamic way more than passive lectures at school.

For example of the comic books like Conan or Kindaichi. They provide a wealth of scientific and criminal knowledge. Adachi Mitsuru’s dramas describe the details of sports such as baseball, boxing or swimming. It provides a lot of useful medical information. Comics can not replace textbooks, but it does help to get more specialized knowledge. It makes people more to be interested in learning.

The Japanese also use Manga and Anime to help young people have more love with Japanese history and their culture. “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Kaze Hikaru”, … help Japanese youth pay more attention to their important historical events of this country through the lively and fascinating story.

There are a lot of comic books and cartoons that bring deep messages through close, natural expressions. They are not dogmatic or rigid as ordinary moral teachings.