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Manga – Japanese cultural landings

While many controversies erupt about how manga should be seen? Can not help but recognize that Japanese comic genre, with bold graphics and profound content, it stole the heart and occupied the imagination of global audiences.

Manga and anime have been the pillars of pop culture long before this art form sought its way to the West. Indeed, the manga term first appeared in the late 18th century in Japan, but this type of comic only became popular in the US in the 1960s, when the popular anime series Astro Boy was imported by the United States. By 2007, the US anime market alone was worth about $ 4.35 billion.

The manga still has a very distinctive appearance. An expression of emotions is clearly just one of many. Emotions are often exaggerated to make comedy, such as green tendons on the character’s forehead to show stress, or sweating that means anxiety. Another example is a character with an X-shaped eye that has fainted or is ill.

Manga and anime are drawn in the same painting style. Painting is usually done with pen and ink, lines are clearly important. Most characters have very large eyes shaped almonds and odd body proportions. Both anime and manga are influenced by Japanese calligraphy and painting art – a round brush head used to draw bold strokes.

Anime festivals such as Anime Expo, Otakon, and JACON, started around the early 1990s and are now held annually in cities across Europe, Asia, and America. Many members join cosplay, in which they dress up as anime characters. Painters, voice actors, film directors and Japanese musicians are all invited to these events. Universities, high schools, and community centers have begun to have anime clubs as a way to share and display anime and manga. As the influence of manga and anime is increasing, the world will become more and more knowledgeable about the culture of the land of the rising sun.

Asus GTX660Ti & Guild Wars 2

After using a GTX260 for about 3 years, I decide to upgrade my graphic card so that I can play Guild Wars 2 at the highest setting, because I feel that’s how it should be play and enjoy.

After much consideration I decide to go for the Asus GTX660Ti which was released recently. The card is fast, and runs cool and well I finally am able to play Guild Wars 2 at highest setting with a decent frame rate.


Click the screenshot below to view the slideshow

A shot of my thief at Queensdale.

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-15-19-30


Awesome 2 fans keeps the card cool even during heavy gaming.


My ranger in the forest with her pet wolf.

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-19-25-26

Anyone who read the book Edge of Destiny should know the next two screenshots.

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-25-23-06

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-26-35-44

Exploring different areas in Guild Wars 2

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-29-30-45

A bit hard to see, but that’s my warrior doing savage leap.

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-32-10-28

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-33-27-17

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-35-14-78

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-43-16-02

In Lion’s Arch, very different than the Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars.

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-47-19-84

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-50-26-62

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-53-25-44

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-54-04-84

Got 1-hit KO by level 30 mob.

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-54-50-05

Gw2 2012-08-22 03-58-38-39

My warrior with her rifle.

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-00-49-52

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-03-04-77

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-03-54-01

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-05-33-27

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-07-04-83

Battleground in-front, lots of centaurs

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-07-47-03

Swimming underwater before I got kill by high level fishy.

Gw2 2012-08-22 04-09-25-98