Subaru release confirmed

Alter just updated their website with color sample photos of Subaru from StrikerS, slated to be released in June at 8190 yen. I guess we should be seeing her up for PO at online sites like Hobby Search or Play-Asia soon. Now where’s our Feito, it’s been so many months since the prototype and we still haven’t see the color sample.


And surprise surprise, Alter will be releasing Kawazoe Tamaki from Bamboo Blade in May at 6090 yen. I prefer the kotobukiya version though, but the nendo like Tama-chan in the picture looks darn cute.


So anyone getting the figures above, I’ll definitely be getting Subaru but not Tamaki though, aready have Kotobukiya version and I am pretty happy with that one.

And just a heads up, pre-order fro Saber Lily should be up in 4 more days, woot, get ready XD.