Special Appearance by Shimokawa Mikuni & Ceui @ CF 2011

Shimokawa Mikuni & Ceui will be making special appearance live at Comic Fiesta 2011 and best of all, there’s no extra charge for fan to meet with these two artists!

Making her first appearances in showbiz as a member of the idol group CheckiccoShimokawa Mikuni has since rocked the world of J-pop with the opening and ending themes of various anime series. She is most famous for her work on the opening and ending themes of Full Metal Panic!

In 2007, she made her first Asian tour through numerous cities like Taiwan, Beijing, Macao, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore, giving rise to a pan-Asian fan base. Earlier this year, she began working with the Chinese search engine Baidu, and became the first Japanese artist to officially register with the site. The site now hosts an official message board for her, where replies are posted by Shimokawa herself!

Inspired by the Portuguese word for “Star”, Ceui is a prominent artist in the Japanese AniSong (portmanteau for “Anime Song”) circuit herself. This fantasy-filled singer-songwriter has performed the themes for Girl Who Leapt through SpaceLegend of the Legendary HeroesShattered AngelsSola and more.

Her concert in Hong Kong last October had seen the appearance of tens of thousands of fans. Upon starting her own message boards in earlier the same month, the number of subscribers have already reached above 65, 000!

This December 17, both of these talented artists will make their appearance at Comic Fiesta 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The attendees of the country’s largest fan-made event will get to see them in person for the first time in Malaysia!

There will be no extra charge for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. December 17, 2011. Two amazing artists will grace Comic Fiesta 2011 with their presence, and you’re invited to join in the fun!