Some practical things you can learn from watching Anime

Anime not only teaches us bad habits such as laziness, illusions, … but it also teaches us very practical lessons in life. So what can Anime teach us?

We can learn to read faster. This is the most practical thing that everyone must recognize. Obviously one thing is that most anime only has subtitles, so sometimes the audience has to strain their eyes or read it quickly before the subtitles move. By keeping up with the subtitles without swallowing the words, perhaps your fast reading skills are on the rise.

We are increased understanding of Japanese culture. When the anime was acknowledged as a Japanese culture, in every movie we could see many unique cultures of this cherry blossoms. Never ignore the culture mentioned in the film, learn it because sometimes it can become your life later.

From its natural turn-around scenes, anime helps us learn how to communicate. For example, when we are confused, we should say something, or how to know how to handle it properly. Perhaps the most common thing that the anime teaches us is “to say thank you” and “sorry”. If you don’t know how to say these words, start right away.

The anime proves that every movie has a different character from each other, more specifically, it’s always changing. In addition, some art effects in the anime help stimulate our imagination and creativity. So, why don’t we take a moment to consider whether we can promote creativity after watching anime?

Anime is full of messages of life. It teaches us many things such as: Sometimes you will be battered by life, worse than you can be pushed to the bottom. So what will you do then? Sitting crying and giving up. No, the anime doesn’t teach us how to give up, no matter what, we still have to stand up, have to rise.