Otaku room?

It’s been a while since I post some photos of my room, not even sure how much has changed since I last posted, but I guess the most visible change would be the additional figures that I have on displayed.

This is my work table, had to put some of my figures on the table and on top of the CPU due to lack of space. Try to keep it clean as much as possible as I don’t like messy table hhaha. I use this table for my figures shoot as well, have to move my lappy, Ringo and Chua Churam away when I take photos.

More pics after the jump

The shelf right opposite my table where I store my books, a few figures and my mangas. Can see a whole loads of figure boxes on top and beside the shelf, need to rearrange them again soon though. They are quite a hazzard btw ^^;;;

Haruhi gang are display on a small table where I put my camera equipment as well as some photography magazines and books.

The shelf next to where I sit is where I displayed most of the figures in my collection, had to DIY some plastic to cover it to keep dust out. Some of the artbooks and anime DVD I have is stored here as well.

1 thing I lack in my room is anime posters I think, feel like putting some up but they gonna get dusty very easily though. I wonder if this qualify as an Otaku room haha.

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