New Alter Ikkitousen releases

Two new figure releases from Alter today, both are from Ikkitousen Great Guardians. First is 1/8 Kakouen Myousai priced at 7,140 yen and slated to be release in October. Some how I can’t remember seeing her in the anime, probably she only appear in the Great Guardians arc which I never did finish watching.

Kakouen Myousai

Next is Ryomou Shimei, also 1/8 scaled and priced at 7,140, and will be released in October as well. Not too bad looking, but somehow I prefer the one in nurse outfit with katana released by Wani Books.


This makes 4 Ikkitousen figures from Atler so far, maybe they will release a nice Hakufu figure in the future ^_^. Reservation has open for Ryomou at Hobby Search, so I guess reservation for Kakouen should be opening soon as well.