Mini Cosplay Photoshoot at Bkt Jalil Part 1

A Mini Cosplay Photoshoot outing organized by Demonic Angel from CF forum at Bkt Jalil. No specific series this time, it’s a crossover between Air Gear, Trinity Blood, Vampire Princess Miyu and Mario.

The shoot was done late in the afternoon hence the harsh lightning in some of the photos. Fortunately I do have my flash with me for some fill flash. More photos after the jump but be warn, it’s very very image heavy xD.

Kazu from Air Gear.

Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood

Kudos to her for wearing that costume under the hot sun.

Vampire Princess Miyu


Seems to have lost some weight xD.

Sieglinde from Trinity Blood

Cute costume ^^.

Will be posting some group shots and omake next, stay tune.