Little Buster! ~ Kurugaya Yuiko

Don’t really know anything about Little Busters! except that it’s a game developed by Key. So why do I have a I figure I know nothing about in my collection? Simple, I like girls with weapons and a girl with katana is just too tempting ^^. So I just grab her from HS since she’s still instock.


Yuiko comes in a very small box due to her pose and a plain white base with the series name written on it. Of course the most important thing is she comes with her katana ^^. According to Wiki, the katana is a replica of Muramasa, but I have no idea why she holds one though.



Toys Works also have another version of Yuiko, but kinda prefer the Koto one though. Both are quite sexy with the unbutton blouse ^^.



Koto hair sculpting still not as nice as GSC or MF or Alter haha, but at least those strands of hair looks ok.



The katana is quite simple, but the hilt itself is quite detail.


Her skirt is removable, it’s split into two parts and attached using pegs. Sorry no photos of her without her skirt haha.



A decent looking figure from Koto, nicely painted and sculpted. The only complain is the katana can break easily, since the blade is partially of out the scabbard, just a bit of force will break the blade from the scabbard. That was what happen to mine, fortunately it was easy to epoxy it back together.

Kurugaya Yuiko
Series: Little Busters!
Scale and Material: 1/8 pre-painted PVC
Company: Kotobukiya
Price: 5500 Yen
Released: September 2008
Added to collection: September 2008
Availability: available at Hobby Search
Photo taken using: Canon EOS 400D with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM and EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens. Camera triggered by using Phottix Cleon wireless remote trigger.