Lights, camera, action! Part 2

Finally my mini photo booth is almost complete. Got the final lamp today at Ikea, haven’t tested it out yet cause I haven’t got the bulb for it. Unfortunately Ikea only sell yellow light bulb. At the moment I still lack a diffuser and a bigger reflector, will get both done soon. This is how the booth looks like when it’s not in use. The two lamps uses extend-able arms so it’s easy to adjust it. A few pieces of color papers that I uses as background and some other stuff like the photo-stand I use to hold the reflector, the reflector itself which is actually comic books backing board. Some tracing paper that will be use as a diffuser. At the back standing straight is the stand I made to hold the color paper, so that I can move the booth around and can use it even without being near a wall.

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This is what it looks like when in use.

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Note: The setup of this booth is based on super rats’s tutorial on cheap lighting