June purchase but where’s my Mirei-san!!

Bought 4 figures this month but only three have arrive Range Murata PSE #05 TT Butterfly, Kotobukiya 1/8 Sana Horiuchi and Kotobukiya 1/10 Lamento – Asato. Suppose to have Mirei-san as well but she won’t be arriving until either end of the month or early next month.

The PSE #05 is only 1/10 scale so she’s quite small, I am not sure how much she cost in yen but the price I bought it for is almost the same price as a 1/6 figure. The Lamento – Asato is also a 1/10 scale figure, but he about the size of a 1/8 though, comes with a grass like base, a sword and scabbard and also a drama CD. I like the transparent box he comes in, can display him without taking him out of the box. Sana is an older figure, she’s being re-release this month so I took the chance to add her to my collection. Besides figures I also manage to get two swords that I can use as props, they are quite cheap but the quality is quite good, made out of metal.

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