Hime, Moka, Revy and Seras

Still haven’t do any figure shoot haha, so I thought I’ll just do a small updates on some mangas and dvds that I got recently.

Not really a lot of stuff, got myself Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection) and Rosario + Vampire manga at Kino. Rosario was on sale for 20% discount for all volumes, so pretty good buy, Kaibutsu Oujo was normal price though. Still need to find Kaibutsu Oujo vol 4, either get it from Borders or place an order at Kino next week.


Got myself Black Lagoon: Second Barrage and Hellsing Ultimate vol 4 as well. After Geneon announce they won’t be releasing R1 dvd I thought I won’t be able to complete my Black Lagoon and Hellsing Ultimate series, fortunately, Funimation pick these two titles up ^_^.


Black Lagoon Second Barrage came in 3 separate volumes, the first volume came with a steel case to keep all the dvds together, same as the first season. Really like the cover design on the case.


Hellsing Ultimate vol 4 comes with a steel case as well and a production art book for vol 3 & 4.


Won’t be buying much anime dvd now though, probably just gonna get the last volume for Zegapain and Pumpkin Scissors and also complete Hellsing Ultimate series and that’s it.