Heaven’s Feel, Dark Saber

Another variation of Fate/Stay Night Saber to add to my collection of Saber figures, this time it’s Dark Saber by Griffon. She appear in Heaven’s Feel scenario of Fate/Stay Night, where she was consume by darkness by Angra Mainyu and turns into Sakura’s servant as Dark Saber. The armor is different than her normal armor and her hair and skin color are quite pale. Her sword also change to black with red color symbol on the blade.

My first impression of the figure is that it really capture the feel of Dark Saber from FSN game. The armor, face, hair and sword are exactly like what appears in the game. This is my second figure by Griffon, and I must say their quality is pretty good. I like the way they put the character’s name on the base and in Dark Saber case it’s plated name plate. Very nice touch.