Guild Wars 2

Been playing Guild Wars for about 6-7 years, completed the first game and all the expansion. I think I stop playing it few years back, can’t really remember why I stop though. Guild Wars 2 was announce in 2007 and I was quite interested in it at the time, though as time pass the interest sort of die down.


In those few years GW2 was in development I have read articles and watch videos regarding the game but still it didn’t make me want to get the game, I was still on the fence about it.


The during their beta weekend 2 which was held few months back, a friend that I use to play GW with live stream his GW2  gameplay to me and told me more about the game. That did makes me more interested in the game. So I decided to take the plunge and bought the digital edition from GW2 site, just in time for me to try out a bit of the game in beta weekend 2.


Few weeks back they had a beta weekend 3 and a few stress test where I was able to try out the game more fully and I can say I am glad that I took the plunge. The game is so much of an improvement over the first GW game and I was having so much fun just exploring and doing all the renowned heart and dynamic events. I even try out the world vs world vs world pvp mode, which is quite interesting in itself.


The game will launch on the 28th, and since I pre-purchase it I get to play it 3 days early which is great because the headstart is in the weekends, which means, 3 full days of playing before launch :)


Oh yeah, I manage to secure myself a copy of the collector’s edition as well from Amazon, so I ended up with 2 Guild Wars 2 game, a normal version and a CE version lol. But the CE is really well worth the price considering the physical stuff you are getting from it.