Great Guardian ~ Kanu Uncho 關羽 雲長

Just when I thought I have manage to find a Kanu that I like, the Wani Books 1/7 Kanu Uncho, Alter drops the bomb by releasing a superb rendition of Kanu in her seifuku and I can’t help myself and placed an order at PA.

She arrive from PA earlier this month, unfortunately her box were pretty dented, oh well something that I have to live with for PA stuff, their shipping box is just too fragile. As long as the figure is not damage I am fine with it.

This Kanu was sculpted by Mirano, who did a great job in it. I like this rendition of Kanu, the dynamic of her hair and her pose is great. One things Alter could improve is to provide better looking base instead of a blue transparent frissbies. A simple emboss of the series name would be quite nice I think.

The hair is just superb, I just love how her hair spiral and it matches her pose which sort of spiral as well. But her hair is kinda fragile looking though so better be careful with it.

Her hair pretty much covers most of the top part of her face and eyes, which makes shooting close-up of her face a bit difficult due to the shadow. Had to use a bit of fill light to light it up a bit.

She came with her signature weapon the Blue Dragon Crescent Blade, which looks different than the one that comes with Wani Books Kanu. The dragon on Wani Books Kanu is gold in color while the one from Alter is fully silver, I prefer Alter version of the weapon, looks more real.

Overall another good quality figure from Alter, though paint job are a bit rough on certain part but not really visible unless view upclose. Alter latest release have been really impresive lately, but their prices are higher than other company though which makes it difficult for us collectors.

Next Alter figure I’ll be getting will be Chua Churam, another impressive looking but pricy figure from Alter, but she just looks so nice.

Kanu Uncho
Series: Ikki Tousen
Scale and Material: 1/8 pre-painted PVC
Company: Alter
Price: 6460 Yen
Released: June 2008
Added to collection: June 2008
Availability: sold out
Photo taken using: Canon EOS 400D with EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM and Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM.