Final July haul and another Mirei? WTH is my photo doing on ebay

Today is the last day of July (for me at least), and just in time for me to post up my final July haul. Altogether I have bought 11 figures this month, this is a milestone for me as I have never bought this much figure in a single month since I started collecting about 6 months ago.

So what did I get this time, well there’s the last two Lamento figure Rai and Bardo, there’s Hikaru Death Cloth Ver. (I’ll have to thanks a fellow blogger aka_ugly for informing me of Hikaru availability at Hobby Search), and finally what’s that? What is Mirei doing in there, I have already posted Mirei haul didn’t I. Read on after the jump to find out why.

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Well, I have mention on my earlier Mirei haul post that I ordered Mirei from Animewild which was shipped last month, and after waiting for more than a month it still haven’t arrive. Well today she finally arrive together with my other shipment from Play-Asia, it took her exactly 43 days to arrive and I still do not know why it took so long. Well I am just glad Animewild redeem themself, but probably ain’t their fault, it’s the postal fault I would guess.

So now I got two Mirei, I still haven’t decided to sell her or to keep her, oh well plenty of time to decide on that.

Beside posting my final haul there’s another thing that I want to mention, something that really piss me off. A forumer from a forum that I frequent pm me today that he saw my photos of Wendy Garret being use by an ebay seller here. It really piss me off when I saw that, can’t he goddamn read that I specifically mention on my about page that I do not allow my photos to be use for commercial purpose. And here he’s just taking my photos and put it on his ebay page and he didn’t even remove the watermark ‘Toys Workz’ from it.

Have any of you encounter this situation before ? What do you guys do about it ? I have message the ebay seller not to use my photos but I don’t think he’ll even bother about it. Guess I just have to live with it huh….