Fenrir is Cloud new bike in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, a replacement to the Hardy Daytona he used in the game. Fenrir have a more futuristic design compare to Hardy Daytona. Beside that, another cool thing about Fenrir is that it can store all of Cloud’s swords, but this is not shown in this die-cast model though. Fenrir is part of Final Fantasy Mechanical Arts series that present some of the most popular vehicles and ships from various Final Fantasy games.

Fenrir comes with a very nice base painted in gunmetal and with a nameplate on it.

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Even though it’s small, measuring only 12cm, it is beautifully sculpted to the smallest detail.

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In the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, this is the part of Fenrir where Cloud’s new swords is stored.

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The intricate design on the Fenrir.

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Beautifully detailed and scuplted. The paint job is superb as well.

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Anime: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Material: PVC and die-cast metal
Company: Square Enix
Price: 3300 Yen
Released: Feb 2007
Added to collection: Feb 2007
Availability: Hobby Link Japan
Photo taken using: Canon Ixus 850IS