Fate-chan is here!!!

Fate-chan have finally arrive, early than expected actually, I was expecting her to reach either Friday or next week. As I carry the huge box she came in back to my cubicle, I can’t wait to open up the package and take her out. As I open the package, what I saw was disappointing, I guess what I heard was right, that Play-Asia doesn’t pack their figure shipment with enough protection.


As a comparison I took a picture of the package with my MG Hi-nu box at the bottom, the shipping box is huge. Opening it up reveal Fate-chan’s box with pieces of polystyrene all around it to protect the box. But because Fate-chan box is already as big as the shipping box, some part of the box are damage as only two side of the box are protected.


Further inspection of Fate-chan box reveal that the top and the back are slightly dented. Most probably due to lack of protection and also the custom officer that opened up the box to check didn’t put it back properly. She was held in custom for 2 days before she was release, luckily tax free :D .

Biggest pvc figure box in my collection, I should take some photos of Fate-chan box with some other figures in my collection to compare their packaging size.


Took some photos of her out of the box using my temporary photo booth. She’s too big to fit using a single background, so I had to use two, a white as the back and blue for the bottom. I still lack proper lighting as I only have an emergency light that I use as front light and a reflector so the photos came out a bit dark.

Arcus Cultus Aegeas

Click for larger image

Due to the span of her cape, I couldn’t shoot a full view of her.

“Bardiche Assault, Zamber form”

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Actually wanted to shoot the length of Bardiche but due to lack of space only manage to take a portion of it.

“Top shot”

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Try a top shot, you can see the detail of her hair, cape and ribbon.

Of all the Fate figures that was release, the Alter version is the most impressive, mostly due to the cape and the pose that depict her rising into the air. This is also my first and favourite Fate figure, the Movic version will come second but don’t think I can find that anymore.

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Fate Testarossa
Anime: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s (Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha)
Scale and Material: 1/8 scale pre-painted PVC Figure 

Company: Alter
Price: 6476 Yen
Released: December 2006
Added to collection: April 2007
Availability: Available at Rightstuf
Photo taken using: Canon Ixus 850IS