Cloud Strife & hardy-DAYTONA

I have been meaning to get this figure of Cloud and hardy-DAYTONA ever since I saw the pre-order quite sometime back but the price kept me from pre-odering it. I have actually totally forgot about this figure until it was release recently and I have been contemplating whether to order it from Hobby Search. The shipping gonna be costly though due to the box huge size and add to the figure high price, it’ll probably cost me around 13k yen at least and that kept me from ordering it on a whim.

A recent trip to my local proof to be most rewarding, I was only planing to go there to collect my Nendoroid Tsuraya but I left the shop with Cloud + hardy-DAYTONA and Nendoroid Tsuraya instead. The price was much lower than what I would have paid for at HS and with a bit of extra discount to boot ^^.

The huge box is due to the size of the bike, which I think is slightly shorter than the FFVII: AC Cloud + Fenrir set. Cloud comes with his Buster Sword, 3 additional hand and a base, which he doesn’t need unless it’s for some sort of jumping or flying pose ^^.

Cloud sculpt is decent at best, the plastic looks too shiny and the skin color looks too unnatural. The sculpt and paint job his clothing and sword looks ok though. The joints on the arm are very visible and a bit lose on some part, wish Square Enix would have done a better job on the joints. Seems like all their Play Arts action figures have very visible joints. The figure itself is quite cheap actually, so the high price for this set is because of the bike.

Posing the figure is not too hard fortunately, and he’s capable of doing quite a number of action pose ^^. I just hope the joints won’t get lose overtime.

The bike is the star of this set in my opinion, the detail and paint job on it is superb. I think it’s fully made of pvc though with no die-cast parts, I guess if it have die-cast parts it’ll definitely cost more. The built is quite solid, but I wouldn’t want to drop it though, some of the smaller parts probably will break if it’s drop.

With the purchase of Cloud + hardy-DAYTONA, I am thinking of getting Tifa and Aerith to go together with Cloud. They are not too expensive at USD46.2 each at my local store. Probably will grab both of them the next time I go there.

The shoot
Well usually I don’t write anything on how the shoot was done, since most of the time it’s pretty standard. For this shoot is different though, it’s the first time I use a flash in my figure shoot. I put one of my usual lamp on the right and above the figure. A flash is mounted on the camera to act as the main light, most of the time it’s bounce from the wall behind me, at times I’ll bounce it using a white cardboard.

Flash output is lowered to between -2 1/3 to -3, otherwise the light will be too bright, which is not what I wanted as I want to keep the background dark. The result were pretty good, just that I get a bit dizzy after all the flashing XD. This is also the first time I connect my camera to my new laptop for the shoot, much more convenient than connecting to my desktop.

Cloud Strife and hardy-DAYTONA
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Scale and Material: Non-scale pre-painted PVC
Company: Square Enix/Kotobukiya
Price: 9800 Yen
Released: April 2008
Added to collection: April 2008
Availability: Hobby Search
Photo taken using: Canon EOS 400D with EF 50mm f/1.4 with Speedlite 580exII mounted.