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Flag Vol. 1 Collector’s Edition

FLAG is an anime directed by Ryosuke Takahashi June 6, 2006 to March 2, 2007. The anime revolve around the titular flag (a UN flag in war-torn Uddiyana) and Saeko Shirasu the photo-journalist who became an instant celebrity after taking a photo of civilians raising the flag. The flag became a symbol of peace but before a peace agreement could be achieved the flag was stolen by armed extremist group.

The UN decide to send in a SDC (pronounced as Seedac – Special Development Command) unit to retrieve the flag. Saeko Shirasu was offered the job to be the front-line journalist for the mission. The story are told from her camera point-of-view in documentary style narrative.

Click for larger image

The first volume of the DVD comes with a nice artbox made to look like leather textured. A magnetic flap on top open up to reveal the DVD inside.

Click for larger image

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On the cover of the DVD case is Saeko Shirasu, armed with her camera.

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Some screen cap of the DVD.

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HAVWC mecha tank belonging to the SDC unit. Since the anime is told from the camera point-of-view, the camera info, shutdown and start-up sequence are all shown.

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I have only watched episode 3 that came with November Newtype USA and found that the anime is quite interesting hence the reason I got the DVD. It’s a bonus that it came with a nice artbox too ^^.

FLAG Vol. 1 Limited Edition + Artbox
Company: Bandai
Price: US$39.98
Released: 2007
Added to collection: November 2007
Availability: available at Rightstuf

First batch of figures for 2008

It has been a while since I receive any figures shipment, the last one being Clare in December ’07. There were a few figures that I have been looking forward to for their release this month. I was estactic when they were all release close to each other, which means I am gonna have some big shipment coming in. Well actually 2 figures per shipment, and a total of 3 shipments.

First up is Good Smile Company Mai Tokiha, an impulse by actually, aiko said her eyes are sharp when I show her Mai photos, and I ordered her straight away *smack head*, well she does look nice and I have always wanted a Mai figure XD. The other 1/10 I got is Wave Tsuraya and Kyon’s sister set, this is my first time purchasing figures from Wave, and fortunately they looks quite ok.

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One of the pair of figures that I was looking forward to, Max Factory Fate/Zero Emiya and Saber. Both looks real cool in their suit ^^.

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And lastly the star of the month, Shuraki Box 03, Char Rhousemann, my favourite of all the Shuraki figures, and well she looks damn good ^^. Beside her is Alter Nadie from El Cazador, love her pose to bits, Alter is coming out with some nicely pose figures lately ^^.

Click for larger image

Look forward to individual shoot of each of the figures ^^.

Air Gear @ BTS

Photos from a recent Air Gear photoshoot I did for a group of cosplayer that I know. It was my first time doing shoots for a specific anime and even though I did watch the anime Air Gear, I was pretty lost on how to pose them at the time. Need to do more research next time, well there’s still the outdoor shoot that is still in planning stage.

The location was at Berjaya Times Square, 6th floor, the lighting was pretty bad at the area we were doing the shoot, so had to rely on flash most of the time. Photos were edited using Photoshop to get the kinda of effect that I wanted.

1. From the left Akito, Ikki, Kazu and Sora.

2. Ikki

3. Kazu

4. Akito

5. Sora

6. Akito

7. Sora

8. Kazu on fire

9. Akito

10. Ikki dash

11. Akito

12. Kazu

13. Air Gear group

Looking forward to the outdoor shoot, where I’ll be trying some more dynamic and hopefully action shots.

The Cosplayers
Yuan as Ikki
Rayray0211 as Kazuma
Siberian_Blaze as Sora Takeuchi
Ice Cream as Akito Wanijima

Photography and editing

Shots taken using Canon EOS 400D/Rebel XTi with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

Cloud Strife & hardy-DAYTONA

I have been meaning to get this figure of Cloud and hardy-DAYTONA ever since I saw the pre-order quite sometime back but the price kept me from pre-odering it. I have actually totally forgot about this figure until it was release recently and I have been contemplating whether to order it from Hobby Search. The shipping gonna be costly though due to the box huge size and add to the figure high price, it’ll probably cost me around 13k yen at least and that kept me from ordering it on a whim.

A recent trip to my local proof to be most rewarding, I was only planing to go there to collect my Nendoroid Tsuraya but I left the shop with Cloud + hardy-DAYTONA and Nendoroid Tsuraya instead. The price was much lower than what I would have paid for at HS and with a bit of extra discount to boot ^^.

The huge box is due to the size of the bike, which I think is slightly shorter than the FFVII: AC Cloud + Fenrir set. Cloud comes with his Buster Sword, 3 additional hand and a base, which he doesn’t need unless it’s for some sort of jumping or flying pose ^^.

Cloud sculpt is decent at best, the plastic looks too shiny and the skin color looks too unnatural. The sculpt and paint job his clothing and sword looks ok though. The joints on the arm are very visible and a bit lose on some part, wish Square Enix would have done a better job on the joints. Seems like all their Play Arts action figures have very visible joints. The figure itself is quite cheap actually, so the high price for this set is because of the bike.

Posing the figure is not too hard fortunately, and he’s capable of doing quite a number of action pose ^^. I just hope the joints won’t get lose overtime.

The bike is the star of this set in my opinion, the detail and paint job on it is superb. I think it’s fully made of pvc though with no die-cast parts, I guess if it have die-cast parts it’ll definitely cost more. The built is quite solid, but I wouldn’t want to drop it though, some of the smaller parts probably will break if it’s drop.

With the purchase of Cloud + hardy-DAYTONA, I am thinking of getting Tifa and Aerith to go together with Cloud. They are not too expensive at USD46.2 each at my local store. Probably will grab both of them the next time I go there.

The shoot
Well usually I don’t write anything on how the shoot was done, since most of the time it’s pretty standard. For this shoot is different though, it’s the first time I use a flash in my figure shoot. I put one of my usual lamp on the right and above the figure. A flash is mounted on the camera to act as the main light, most of the time it’s bounce from the wall behind me, at times I’ll bounce it using a white cardboard.

Flash output is lowered to between -2 1/3 to -3, otherwise the light will be too bright, which is not what I wanted as I want to keep the background dark. The result were pretty good, just that I get a bit dizzy after all the flashing XD. This is also the first time I connect my camera to my new laptop for the shoot, much more convenient than connecting to my desktop.

Cloud Strife and hardy-DAYTONA
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Scale and Material: Non-scale pre-painted PVC
Company: Square Enix/Kotobukiya
Price: 9800 Yen
Released: April 2008
Added to collection: April 2008
Availability: Hobby Search
Photo taken using: Canon EOS 400D with EF 50mm f/1.4 with Speedlite 580exII mounted.

Perkeliling Flat photoshoot ~ Esmei

Another set from the Perkeliling photoshoot, she was the first model my group shoot for that day. Not exactly my favourite set, probably coz it’s too early in the morning and I haven’t warm up yet.

1. 1/1000s, f/2.2, 50mm@ ISO200

2. 1/250s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO200

Next few shoots are our attempt at strobist.  Looks like we still got a lot to learn on strobist. Two 580exII, one on camera as trigger and one off-camera and a 430ex was used. Since we don’t have any softbox the flash are a tad harsh.

3. 1/3200s, f/2.0, 50mm@ ISO200

4. 1/200s, f/7.1, 50mm@ ISO100

5. 1/500s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO100

The two shots below are my favourite. Background was purposely underexpose and the model was properly exposed using off-camera flash.

6. 1/1600s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO100

7. 1/2000s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO100

8. 1/800s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO200

Will post the final batch as soon as possible.

Perkeliling Flat photoshoot ~ Lee

Final batch of the Perkeliling photoshoot, this was our second model of the day. The shots were all done indoor in the run down flat. Wanted to try a different feel for this batch so I tweak the saturation and added a light sepia tone to it. Kinda like the final effect.

1. 1/1000s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO200

2. 1/2000s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO200

3. 1/2500s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO200

4. 1/160s, f/2.2, 50mm@ ISO200

5. 1/200s, f/2.2, 50mm@ ISO200

6. 1/125s, f/2.8, 50mm@ ISO200

7. 1/400s, f/2.2, 50mm@ ISO200

For the two photos below click for the colored version, it has a warm feel to it since we were using gold reflector.

8. 1/100s, f/2.2, 50mm@ ISO400

9. 1/60s, f/2.2, 50mm@ ISO400

10. 1/13s, f/2, 50mm@ ISO400

11. 1/250s, f/2, 50mm@ ISO400

12. 1/30s, f/2, 50mm@ ISO400

13. 1/50s, f/1.8, 50mm@ ISO400

14. 1/1000s, f/2, 50mm@ ISO200

Mini Cosplay Photoshoot at Bkt Jalil Part 1

A Mini Cosplay Photoshoot outing organized by Demonic Angel from CF forum at Bkt Jalil. No specific series this time, it’s a crossover between Air Gear, Trinity Blood, Vampire Princess Miyu and Mario.

The shoot was done late in the afternoon hence the harsh lightning in some of the photos. Fortunately I do have my flash with me for some fill flash. More photos after the jump but be warn, it’s very very image heavy xD.

Kazu from Air Gear.

Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood

Kudos to her for wearing that costume under the hot sun.

Vampire Princess Miyu


Seems to have lost some weight xD.

Sieglinde from Trinity Blood

Cute costume ^^.

Will be posting some group shots and omake next, stay tune.

Toys Workz will be @ Taylor’s Anime Fest 2008!

Its been about a year since we organized our first figure exhibit, and now we’re back in the event we started in!

In with fellow figure collectors, we will be organizing our 1st Aniversary Figure Exhibit at the Taylor’s Anime Fest 2008.

Below are the event details:

Date: 26th July 2008
Time: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Location: Taylors University College, Subang Jaya
Entry Fees: RM5
Official Thread:

A total of around 60-70 figures to be displayed on the event. 7 participants will be taking part:


We would like to thank the TAF organizing committee for allowing us to have our exhibit there. We’re looking forward to see as many collectors as possible to visit & support us there! Do stay around for a chat!

Figurine Issue in Malaysia

Two recent articles in a local tabloid regarding figures collecting, hit the jump to read the articles.

Patung terlampau

Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin dan Syarifah Dayana Syed Bakri

KUALA LUMPUR: Lambakan patung permainan gadis aksi lucah setinggi hampir satu kaki yang dijual di kebanyakan pusat beli-belah terkemuka di ibu negara mengundang rasa kurang senang di kalangan ibu bapa.

Ini berikutan penjualan patung permainan terbabit boleh merangsang minat remaja dan kanak-kanak kepada seks, sekali gus mendedahkan mereka kepada perlakuan tidak bermoral.

Patung terbabit yang tampil sama ada bogel sepenuhnya atau separuh bogel dengan menonjolkan bahagian tertentu diletakkan bersama barang permainan lain, menjadikan sasaran penjualannya di kalangan remaja dan kanak-kanak sekolah.

Difahamkan, kebanyakan patung gadis berahi itu diadaptasi daripada karakter kartun manga atau animasi dalam komik Jepun.

Wartawan Harian Metro membuat tinjauan penjualan patung itu selepas menerima aduan daripada seorang ibu, Normah Abdul Karim, 40, beberapa hari lalu.

Menurut Normah, dia terlihat patung berahi itu ketika membawa dua anak lelakinya berusia 12 dan lapan tahun menonton filem Iron Man di sebuah pusat beli-belah terkenal di sini, baru-baru ini.

Sebelum memasuki panggung wayang, anaknya merayu-rayu di sebuah kedai menjual barang permainan di tingkat lima pusat beli-belah berkenaan.

“Anak yang yang teruja dengan filem berkenaan meminta saya membelikan mereka patung Iron Man di kedai terbabit yang berharga sekitar RM50 setiap satu.

“Sewaktu membelek patung Iron Man, mata anak sulung saya, Aiman, mula menjeling ke rak pameran kaca di belakang kaunter pembayaran yang mempamerkan beberapa patung permainan lain,” katanya yang juga pengusaha taman asuhan kanak-kanak (taska).

Normah yang mulanya menyangka permainan biasa yang diimport dari luar negara itu bagaimanapun terkejut sebaik mendapati rak permainan itu dipenuhi patung gadis beraksi lucah.

“Ada patung mainan itu bogel sepenuhnya dengan memperlihatkan bahagian sulit wanita. Malah, kebanyakan patung itu beraksi mengghairahkan sehingga menyebabkan saya sendiri malu untuk memandang.

“Saya lantas menarik anak daripada terus merenung deretan lebih 30 patung lucah berkenaan kerana bimbang boleh merosakkan minda mereka,” katanya yang sempat mempersoalkan penjualan patung terbabit kepada pekerja kedai itu.

Katanya, pekerja berusia 30-an itu memberi alasan patung berharga menjangkau RM200 itu hanya dibeli golongan dewasa yang meminati animasi Jepun.

Dia berkata, alasan diberikan seolah-olah cuba menafikan unsur seks yang ditonjol patung berkenaan.

“Bagi saya penjualan patung seumpama itu satu penghinaan kepada wanita berikutan cuba mengeksploitasi tubuh kaum hawa bagi mendapatkan keuntungan,” katanya.

Sementara itu, wartawan Harian Metro mendapati patung mengghairahkan itu dijual secara terang-terangan di beberapa kedai permainan di pusat beli-belah terkemuka di ibu kota.

Kebanyakan patung itu yang diimport dari China dan Jepun sengaja direka bagi menonjolkan aksi menjolok mata sama ada dengan sedikit pakaian atau bogel sepenuhnya.

Patung itu yang dibungkus rapi dalam kotak khas djual pada harga RM20 hingga RM300 berdasarkan ketinggian dan ketelitian pembuatannya.

For the translation of the article above, you can read it here.

Koleksi anak orang kaya
Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin

KUALA LUMPUR: Kebanjiran patung permainan lucah yang dijual di beberapa pusat beli-belah sekitar ibu kota dikesan dibawa masuk peniaga tempatan semata-mata bagi memenuhi minat dan hobi aneh terutama golongan anak orang kaya yang menggemarinya.

Perkara ini didedahkan Ketua Unit Penguat kuasa Pusat, Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan dan Teks al-Quran, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) Mohd Rizal Abidin selepas melakukan beberapa serbuan ke premis menjual permainan, susulan pendedahan Harian Metro berhubung penjualan permainan lucah 4 Ogos lalu.

Menurutnya, rata-rata peniaga ditemui mendakwa hanya menjual patung terbabit terutama kepada golongan anak ‘orang berada’ berikutan harga patung terbabit menjangkau hingga RM200 setiap satu.

“Apa yang dimaklumkan oleh peniaga, kebanyakan patung permainan ‘terlampau’ ini mendapat tempat terutama di kalangan remaja yang membelinya untuk koleksi peribadi atau dijadikan cenderamata kepada rakan-rakan.

“Pihak KDN memandang serius penjualan patung permainan berunsur lucah ini dan siasatan dilakukan sebaik berita berkenaan disiarkan. Tindakan perlu diambil kerana patung permainan lucah ini mengandungi unsur yang boleh memudaratkan moral masyarakat,” katanya.

Menurutnya, susulan itu, beberapa operasi dilakukan membabitkan empat lokasi kedai mainan sekitar pusat beli-belah terkemuka di Bukit Bintang, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya dan Brickfields sejak Isnin minggu lalu.

“Operasi membabitkan lapan anggota KDN Putrajaya dibantu pegawai KDN Selangor diketuai Penolong Pegawai Penguat kuasa Kanan, Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan dan Teks al-Quran KDN, Mohamad Hashim Kamaruddin akhirnya berjaya mengesan pelbagai jenis patung lucah didapati dijual secara terbuka kepada orang ramai.

“Hasil daripada bukti diperoleh, pihak KDN bertindak merampas lebih 114 unit patung permainan berbaur lucah berkenaan dari semua premis terbabit,” katanya.

Semua patung lucah bernilai hampir RM10,000 terbabit dirampas dan dibawa ke ibu pejabat KDN Putrajaya sementara tindakan pendakwaan dilakukan.

“Pemilik premis memiliki dan menjual patung itu boleh dikenakan hukuman mengikut Seksyen 7 dengan penjara tidak melebihi lima tahun dan denda tidak kurang RM20,000,” katanya

Menurutnya, rata-rata peniaga menjual patung lucah berkenaan menyedari kesalahan dilakukan.

“Mereka mendakwa patung terbabit yang diimport terutama dari China berjaya melepasi pemeriksaan pihak berkuasa di pelabuhan sebelum diseludup ke negara ini,” katanya.

Title: Wealthy Children’s Collection

KUALA LUMPUR: Surge of erotic figurines sold in several shopping complexes around the city capital had been confirmed being imported by local retailers for the sake of fulfilling the demand and interest of people with such wierd hobbies especially those that are rich.

This matter was unveiled by Central Enforcer Chief, Publication control and Quranic text Division, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN*, Ministry of Internal Affairs) Mohd. Rizal Abidin – after several raids to toy selling premises, following a cover by Harian Metro (The newspaper responsible) regarding the selling of erotic toys on the 4th of August.

According to him, most of the sellers claimed that they only sell those figurines to ‘the more established youngsters’ due to the price of said figurines reaching up to MYR 200 each.

“According to the seller, most of these ‘obscene’ toy dolls are popular amongst teenagers that buys it for their personal collection, or as gifts for friends.”

“The KDN (see above) take the selling of said erotic themed toy dolls seriously and investigation of this matter is conducted as soon as the news was published. Action had to be taken as these erotic figurines contains elements that can harm corrupt our society’s morals.”

According to him again several operations made involving four locations of toy shops around famous shopping complexes at Star Hill, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Brickfields since last Monday.

“The operations involving 8 officers from Putrajaya’s KDN branch supported by Selangor’s KDN officer led by Assistant Senior Enforcer from Publication control and Quranic text Division, Mohammad Hashim Kamaruddin finally succeeded to track down various erotic figurines found to be sold openly to public.”

“From the acquired evidences, the KDN confiscated more than 114 units of figurines with erotic elements from all of the above mentioned premises.”

All of the confiscated erotic figurines are estimated to be around MYR 10,000 and were brought to the KDN’s HQ at Putrajaya while prosecuting measures are being undertaken.

“Shop owners found posessing and selling of said figurines can be jailed for no more than 5 years and fined for no less than MYR 20,000 according to Section 7 of the Malaysian Law.”

According to him again, most of the sellers of above mentioned erotic figurines are aware of their crime.

“They claimed that those figurines were mainly imported from China and were succesfully avoiding authority’s inspection at local ports before being smuggled into this country.”

Original Translation: Exiled_Gundam
Edited by: Quazacolt

My view on the article, I would say lack of research and over generalization. I don’t know about other places, but here it’s easier to find decent and clothed figures rather than those nude ones, which are usually either bootleg or resin. Well you can find them if you really look for it but reputable shop that sells original figures don’t carry them though.

Also those that collect figures are mostly young working adult and not school going children as mention in the article, grouping figures together with children toy is so wrong imo. Students won’t even be able to afford to buy those figures anyway unless their parents buy for them.

I don’t really blame the mother for making the complain, though I blame the shop for displaying suchs figures in the open and the over zealous reporter that wrote the first article without proper research. This becomes a problem for us genuine figures collector, since those above mention figures are mostly bootleg version and probably makeup only a small percentage of the local figures market. I just hope the articles doesn’t make it hard for us to continue with our hobby.

Anyway more rant from Aiko, LilKeV84, Setsuna and Fat Cat Lim.

Visitez hier

Hmmm haven’t updated my blog much lately, between catching up to some of my backlog of animes, editing photos from one of my previous portrait shoot, I didn’t really have time to shoot any of the recent figures that I had purchase. So I thought I’ll just do a post on some of the recent stuff I got instead XD.

Bought Air Gear vol. 9 recently, well maybe not that recent hahaha and also Megami Deluxe vol. 10 at Kinokuniya. Found the megami when I was at Kino recently with Aiko, and found out that there’s a nekomimi Feito poster inside YAY. The poster its the same as the illustration on the cover but since I am a Feito fanboy, I am just gonna mention her xD.

Figures pic after the jump but NSFW though so BEWARE.

Some recent figures I purchased, Alter Chua Churam, Yamato Ringo, and Kotobukiya Tamaki with Froggy Mikulu stamp of approva ^^. Will try to do a shoot for them as soon as possible hehe xD.

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