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MAGe Festa 2008

MAGe Festa 2008 was held at Nilai International University College on 26, January 2008. It was the first event we attended for this year and the third event where we display our figures collection. The roster have change a bit this time, there’s me, e-jump, LilKev84, exiled_gundam, aiko-jin and Fat Cat Lim. We over 60 figures on display, some are the same as the ones we displayed during Comic Fiesta and we also have some new ones as well.

Another addition is we have our own booth promoter this time around, thanks to aiko-chan for so willingly helping us ^^, below is a photo of her with our figures booth in the background XD.

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Didn’t take a lot of figures photos this time around, concentrate more on cosplayers instead. I forgot to mention that we have a figure photo booth this time, same setting as the one I use for my own indoor figures shoot.

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More cosplayers photos this time. There wasn’t much variety, not as much as Comic Fiesta anyway, but this also give us more space to take photos and doesn’t get too crowded.

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One of my favourite shot, since there wasn’t that much people at the hall, I get to take my time composing this shot :) .

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Another one that I like.

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The figures booth gang ^^.

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The event itself is ok, though I feel the PA is too damn loud, and since our booth was right at the front, we can’t hear each other. The hall itself is quite spacious, but it’s also because there wasn’t a lot of visitors to the event, probably due to the out of the way location. The committee did a good job by providing food for the cosplayers and visitor, though the college does have a canteen, at least there’s more choice. I am not sure of the price coz I have my own bento (thanks aiko).

Overall not too bad, and I had a chance to take a whole lot of photos this time around, actually I wasn’t even around the booth much, (sorry guys).

For more photos visit my Flickr page here

Photo taken using: Canon EOS 400D with EF 100mm Macro lens/EF-S 17-85 IS USM lens

Toys Workz @ ACGC 2008

Went to ACGC 2008, that was held at Berjaya Times Square last weekend, main reason I was there was because I am helping a few cosplayers with their Air Gear photoshoot, which I’ll post later ^^.

Quite surprise when I reach the floor where the event was held, it was fill with game booths, didn’t see anything related to animes or comics at all, and no doujinshi either. The floor was dominated by loads of online games, pc games etc, with Cabal taking the biggest booth, for their launching.

Met up with some cosplayers that I know and some photographers from LYN as well, but I didn’t took much photos on the first day, most of these photos are from the second day.

Lets start of with some kawaii girls in sailor-fuku ^^

Akito and her friend, she was one of the Air Gear cosplayer I was shooting on Sat.

Jiang Shi.

More booth promoters.

Commander Chaos in action. He brought C4 that day ^^.

Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3.

No idea what she’s cosplaying as, but cool nunchacks.

Supposedly from a Korean game, cool looking costume.

Kallen from Code Geass.

From Gintama according to my friend.

Aizen vs Byakuya.

Time to get blown away, the guy was cosplaying as The Punisher.

Three Byakuya.

Athrun and Cagalli.

Enma Ai minus the red eyes.

Lolita holding Yuki hostage.

Éclair from Kiddy Grade. I wonder what happen to Kiddy Grade season 2, hmmmm.

The event is more about games than animes or comics, which I am not really interested in. At least I get to meet my cosplayers friends that I don’t get to meet often unless during event, and then there’s the Air Gear shoot, turn out pretty good.

Been going to too many events lately, time to take a break, fortunately the next event that I know of is in May, lots of time for me to rest up and also to shoot my figures that are not getting enough attention from me lately ^^.

All photos taken using my 400D/Rebel XTi with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro, Canon EF 70-200 f/4 L (belong to my friend) and a 580exII attached. I definitely need faster lens for indoor, thinking of either a EF 50mm f/1.4 or a Ef 85mm f/1.8, both around the same price.

More photos at my Flickr here.

Check out ejump’s post on ACGC as well here and here.

Toys Workz will be @ C2AGE

On 31st May, Toys Workz will be at C2AGE held at Help University College, Damansara. As usual we’ll be having a booth there displaying our figures collection. The usual gang will be there, LilKeV84, e-jump, exiled_gundam and aiko.

A total of about 70-80 figures will be display at the event, should be our biggest so far. More detail of the event below.

Date: 31 May 2008
Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Location: Help University College, Damansara
Entry Fees: RM10
Official Site:

P.S. To all figures collectors do come and support us and don’t forget your camera ^^

Oh yeah you all probably wondering why there’s an image of Saber here, well most of my Saber figures will be on display during the event, except the Revoltechs xD.

Recent Entries

Toys Workz @ C2AGE

I was actually thinking of skipping the report of C2AGE, the recent Anime, Games, Comics and Cosplay event that I went to. Well there really isn’t much to report about the event. It was pretty much lackluster with a small crowd and even smaller number of cosplayers, hence the lack of cosplayers photos. There were some games during the event and also anime screening, which I didn’t go and watch but heard that they charge a fee for watching the screening.

Well even though the event was lackluster, our booth were pretty lively, we were having our otaku style picnic with manga, anime, figures etc. Aiko was also having so much fun posing the Figma Haruhi and Yuki, go to her blog here to see some NSFW photos xD.

Toys Workz will be @ Taylor’s Anime Fest 2008!

Its been about a year since we organized our first figure exhibit, and now we’re back in the event we started in!

In with fellow figure collectors, we will be organizing our 1st Aniversary Figure Exhibit at the Taylor’s Anime Fest 2008.

Below are the event details:

Date: 26th July 2008
Time: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Location: Taylors University College, Subang Jaya
Entry Fees: RM5
Official Thread:

A total of around 60-70 figures to be displayed on the event. 7 participants will be taking part:


We would like to thank the TAF organizing committee for allowing us to have our exhibit there. We’re looking forward to see as many collectors as possible to visit & support us there! Do stay around for a chat!

Toys Workz @ TAF ’08

We went back to where we started our first figures display booth, last Saturday at Taylor’s Anime Fest 2008. A lot of things has changed since then, the number of ppl in the group has grown and so has the number of figures on display.

This is our booth, with our very own Kanpan Musume, Aiko xD.

Choir singing a song from FMA, not really sure which song though.

Some dancing to start of the event.

Commander Chaos as Lucky Chaos this time around xD.

Some new faces in our display. The rest are pretty much the same as the previous event.

Photogs waiting for the cosplay competition to start.

Cosplay competition finally started after being delay for hours.

Interesting skit by Ichigo and Commander Chaos.

Icecream, hmm I forgot what she was cosplaying as.

E_G trying to be moe xD.

Group shot of the gang.

And finally, the best thing that happen to me that day was getting my hand on Nendoroid Puchi Froggy Mikuru. Well actually E_G got it, but I ask him to sell it to me, he was nice enough to do that xD.

Overall the event was better than C2AGE that was held recently, but still kinda lack luster. The organizing was horrible, with the cosplay competition being delayed for hours. Well still had some fun with the TFM gang as usual, having display at this kinda of event became sort of a gathering for us figures collectors here now xD.

Toys Workz will be @ Comic Fiesta 2008

Toys Workz along with other members of The Figure Mall will be organizing a figure exhibit at the upcoming Comic Fiesta 2008.

Location: Sunway Pyramid Convention Center
Date: 20th & 21st December 2008
Time: 11am till 7pm
Booth: Row D2, Booth 10 – 18 (Floor Plan)

Over 200 figures will be on display on both days, ranging from the Nendoroid and figma range to static scaled figures. Many newly released figures will also be displayed there.

It can be safe to say that this will be the largest display of figures outside Japan that’s contributed purely by collectors & fans of this hobby!

Apart from our exhibit, do enjoy the various attractions & features lined up throughout the 2-day event by the organizers.

For more information about the event, visit their official site at

Do come over and support us! We hope to see you there!!~

Updates will be posted at the comments below. Do stay tuned!

List of Figure Contributors

  1. LilKeV84
  2. valho
  3. Haruji
  4. xunli
  5. Aiko
  6. jcdish
  7. Exiled_Gundam
  8. Squallie
  9. Integra
  10. makie
  11. Quazacolt
  12. gukichan
  13. kyon22

List of Figures on Display
Note: List of figures on display is subject to change.

C75 figures preview

Was checking out a few blogs that posted photos of figures reveal during the recent C75 event and a few of them left me drooling for more pics.

First OMG OMG it’s Saber Lily, I am so glad that I decided not to get the figma. It’s still a prototype and no one suppose to take photos of her, but I guess someone manage to sneak a shot XD.


Good Smile Company 1/7 Saber Lily
Date of release: June 2009
Price: Unknown



Above photo taken from tokyohunter.

Akashia Moka from Rosario to Vampire, most probably based on the volume 3 manga cover.

Good Smile Company 1/8 Akashia Moka
Date of release: June 2009


Nagi, she’s so cuteeeeeeeee, still thinking wana get her or not, I would prefer a nice scale version of Nagi though.

Nendoroid Nagi
Date of release: May 2009
Price: Unknown

Photos and text cilok form aiko’s post here XD.

The Gallery @ Comic Fiesta

Looking for photos of one of the biggest Anime event in Malaysia? Look no more, as Comic Fiesta has just open their brand new gallery filled with photos from the latest Comic Fiesta event.

Click the link below to go to the gallery and enjoy the photos, you might even find yourself in one of them…

Comic Fiesta Gallery

And on other news…

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DaiCon @ The EMiNA Roadshow!

Yes, EMiNA will be going on a roadshow!

Starting from Friday, 1st May till Sunday, 3rd May, The DaiCon Committee will be joining the EMiNA Cyber Roadshow held at One Utama Highstreet Haha no Hi (Mother’s Day) event.

Activities slated there include cosplay photoshoots, displays of Japanese Modern Visual Culture materials (manga, anime, magazines, figurines and many more) as well as free merchandise giveaways courtesy of Animax-Asia and ASTRO.

But that’s not all! We’re also holding a special ticket sales for Miss Chihara Minori’s appearance in DaiCon! Don’t miss this special early bird sales at our roadshow!

Tickets to be sold:

AWSM Tickets = RM 250

Specially numbered AWSM seats for Miss Chihara Minori’s Q&A Panel on Day 1 and Mini-Concert on Day 2
ONE Autograph Pass for Miss Chihara Minori’s Autograph Session.

ELITE Tickets = RM 150

Specially numbered ELITE seats for Miss Chihara Minori’s Q&A Panel on Day 1 and Mini-Concert on Day 2.
Lucky Draw chance to be upgraded in to AWSM tickets. (limited to 15 people only).
Come and join us for a weekend full of awsm!

Well here’s your chance to grab some tickets for Miss Chihara Minori Q&A panel and Mini-Concert, so mark the event on your calendar and don’t miss out on this special early bird sales!