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C75 figures preview

Was checking out a few blogs that posted photos of figures reveal during the recent C75 event and a few of them left me drooling for more pics.

First OMG OMG it’s Saber Lily, I am so glad that I decided not to get the figma. It’s still a prototype and no one suppose to take photos of her, but I guess someone manage to sneak a shot XD.


Good Smile Company 1/7 Saber Lily
Date of release: June 2009
Price: Unknown



Above photo taken from tokyohunter.

Akashia Moka from Rosario to Vampire, most probably based on the volume 3 manga cover.

Good Smile Company 1/8 Akashia Moka
Date of release: June 2009


Nagi, she’s so cuteeeeeeeee, still thinking wana get her or not, I would prefer a nice scale version of Nagi though.

Nendoroid Nagi
Date of release: May 2009
Price: Unknown

Photos and text cilok form aiko’s post here XD.

The Gallery @ Comic Fiesta

Looking for photos of one of the biggest Anime event in Malaysia? Look no more, as Comic Fiesta has just open their brand new gallery filled with photos from the latest Comic Fiesta event.

Click the link below to go to the gallery and enjoy the photos, you might even find yourself in one of them…

Comic Fiesta Gallery

And on other news…

Animation Comes to Live: An Exclusive Collection of Anime Artworks

On behalf of our sponsors, we’d like to ask your help! Pick up a copy
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DaiCon @ The EMiNA Roadshow!

Yes, EMiNA will be going on a roadshow!

Starting from Friday, 1st May till Sunday, 3rd May, The DaiCon Committee will be joining the EMiNA Cyber Roadshow held at One Utama Highstreet Haha no Hi (Mother’s Day) event.

Activities slated there include cosplay photoshoots, displays of Japanese Modern Visual Culture materials (manga, anime, magazines, figurines and many more) as well as free merchandise giveaways courtesy of Animax-Asia and ASTRO.

But that’s not all! We’re also holding a special ticket sales for Miss Chihara Minori’s appearance in DaiCon! Don’t miss this special early bird sales at our roadshow!

Tickets to be sold:

AWSM Tickets = RM 250

Specially numbered AWSM seats for Miss Chihara Minori’s Q&A Panel on Day 1 and Mini-Concert on Day 2
ONE Autograph Pass for Miss Chihara Minori’s Autograph Session.

ELITE Tickets = RM 150

Specially numbered ELITE seats for Miss Chihara Minori’s Q&A Panel on Day 1 and Mini-Concert on Day 2.
Lucky Draw chance to be upgraded in to AWSM tickets. (limited to 15 people only).
Come and join us for a weekend full of awsm!

Well here’s your chance to grab some tickets for Miss Chihara Minori Q&A panel and Mini-Concert, so mark the event on your calendar and don’t miss out on this special early bird sales!

DaiCon J-Pop Exhibition‏

Here’s an opportunity to get your hands on exclusive , super rare merchandise from Johnny’s Entertainment. The very same agency that manages groups like News, Arashi, Kanjani8, Kat-Tun, Hey! Say! Jump! and many more.

DaiCon’ve gotten in touch with an exclusive supplier of Johnny’s merchandise! This means that you will be able to get your hands on that poster/calendar/magazine of Kat-Tun/NEWS/Arashi that you’ve always wanted. Come over to56th_avenue@LiveJournal to make your pre-order purchase by the 10th of May.

You will be able to pick them up during DaiCon itself, so that’s an added incentive for you to come to our event.

Details regarding the pre-orders can be viewed at 56th_avenue.

However, if you’re unable to pre-order your items, don’t worry. There will also be sales on some Johnny’s merchandise during the event day itself. So, you’ll be able to get your hands on your most desired items, one way or another.

If you have any questions regarding your pre-orders, please direct them to the owner of 56th_avenue.

But wait, there’s more. During DaiCon, we’ll be setting up Johnny’s Corner, a space where you can meet like-minded fans of artists from Johnny’s and celebrate your “J-pop love”.

There will be screening of music videos, clips from talk shows featuring Johnny’s artistes, and many more. This will be part of the J-pop Exhibition, so be sure to check it out when you come for DaiCon!

The cosplay and karaoke competitions that we’ll be having will also encompass these elements. If you want to sing your favourite songs from NEWS (or cosplay as your favourite member of Arashi), come on over! Everything is fair game.

Original news from DaiCon here.

DaiCon updates


Some updates from DaiCon today with a list of attraction available during the events. More reason for you to visit DaiCon this coming July.

1. Seiyuu Exhibition – Ever wondered what exactly a ‘seiyuu’ is? Interested to know more about them? Then come to our seiyuu exhibition to know more about them!
2. Gundam Caravan – During DaiCon, we’ll be giving out FREE Gundam model kits from our very own Gundam Caravan! Only limited units available on both days, so better be quick!
3. Great Wall of Gashapon – Also, in DaiCon, we’ll be having a wall-ful of gashapon machines with the latest sets from Suzumiya Haruhi to Gundam 00. Gasha to your delight in DaiCon!
4. Gundam Constructor’s Championship – Only for the truest, hardcore fans! Join our Gundam Constructor’s Championship (limited to 20 entries only!) and stand a chance to win LIMITED EDITION 1/100 Master Grade Gundam kits!
5. Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise – As the official COSPA distributor in the region, we’re proud to announce that the venerable KKnM will be setting up shop in DaiCon where they will be selling numerous original, made in Japan character goods ranging from posters, keychains, mugs and t-shirts. Also, spend RM 50 and above at KKnM’s booth to get a chance to play KKnM’s Moe Moe Janken game to win wonderful prizes!
Also, we’re sad to announce that our exclusive AWSM tickets (worth RM 250 each) have all been sold out! Due to overwhelming demand, DaiCon is now selling ENTHUSIAST tickets at RM 50 each which gurantees unseated viewing area access for Ms. Chihara Minori’s events in DaiCon. Hurry up and grab your tickets online now!

Wonder Festival 2009 Summer ~ Alter

Miyafuji YoshikaNot really new stuff, just a closer look at Alter’s figures that was on display during Wonder Festival 2009 Summer yesterday. Photos via

Still my most anticipated figures for the event, was quite surprise seeing a painted version of Yui there cause I was only expecting to see Mio. Hopefully Alter will release Ritsu and Mugi as well and not left us collectors hanging.

Mio face is looks a tad off, hopefully the final version will be better.

Yui is well perfect I would say ^^

The Noumi from Little Buster! that went up for PO recently

Mercedes from Odin Sphere, she looks very nice, kinda like the colors.

Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles, loves those flowing hair ^^

Clalaclan from Shining Wind (or Tears). It’s a very early sculpt though.

Another Saber maid ver. The previous one was very nice and detailed, seems like this new version is the same as well.

Alter rendition of Saber Lily, not as impressive as GSC version but still nice nonetheless.

Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches

Some figures from ToHeart 2 series

Alter is adding another 2 characters to their Ikkitousen series, hoping to see Sonsaku Hakufu later.

Kakouen Myousai

Ryomou Shimei

Black Alice from Makai Tenshi Dijibril 3

Kujikawa Rise from Persona 4

Fatina from Tower of Druaga

Kaaya from Tower of Druaga

Shihodo Narika

Yagyu Jubei from Hyakka-Ryoran

Hattori Hanzo from Hyakka-Ryoran

Sanada Yukimura from Hyakka-Ryoran

Figures from Nanoha series

Takamachi Nanoha, The Movie 1st ver. Might get this since I don’t have a loli version of Nanoha ^^

Shamal from StrikerS series

Comes with a puppy Zafira

Alter Fate, releasing next month ^^

Alter Nanoha

Kos-Mos, articulated too, seems like Alter going into action figure as well.

Linebarrel mecha

Full Metal Panic! Mecha

Animax event ~ Inuyasha The Final Act


Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009
Time: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Berjaya Times Square Boulevard
City/Town: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All Animax viewers and anime fan alike should come and join in the fun to witness the biggest on-ground formation of Inuyasha for the first time in Animax’s history. Animax will also give you a chance to be the
first to catch the special preview of Inuyasha The Final Act outside of Japan. The more fans there are, the bigger the event is so bring your families and friends along too! Stand to win attractive prizes such as pocket video cameras, printers, limited edition toys and many more.

TAF 2009

Was at Taylor’s for their TAF event yesterday, since TAF was the first event where we started our figures display, it became sort of a tradition to go there every year. The event was pretty small scale, with the usual competition, doujinshi, some additional attraction they have was the Cosplay Cafe and a small matsuri at the end of the day.

Hatsune Mikuo cosplayer


Little Akiba and The Figure Mall booth with lots of merchandise.


Our figures display, on a smaller scale compare to the rest of the display we did before.



My Hot Toys made it’s first appearance in event haha.


A small photography area that they setup for photographers and cosplayers to use, if you don’t mind being under 12 hot spotlights.


For the EMPEROR!



Guki-mama xDD



He was one of the cosplayer at the Cosplayer Cafe, didn’t manage to snap photos of the other two.











Ok, you’ll probably realize there are more photos of the Hatsune Mikuo cosplayer than the rest, she was one of the better cosplayer at the event, hence more photos of her xD.





Invaded kuzu’s photo session to get a few quick shots of her xD.




Finally got my Moka figure from Kev, ain’t she a beauty <3



Hatsune Miku (Project Diva ver.)

Attended a Vocaloid photoshoot last Sunday at MMU, it’s also the first time I am using my Nana-chan (EOS 7D) for a proper photoshoot. I really want to try out and see how she’ll perform in a real photoshoot and she did not disappoint me and perform great ^^. Anyway enough about my Nana-chan, let’s get to the photos.

There were 8 cosplayers and more than 10 photographers, not sure of the exact number, I just know there’s a lot, hence the lack of photos for other cosplayers, I just manage to take shots of a few of them.

Thanks to Angeline for the short photo session, she was cosplaying as Hatsune Miku (Project Diva ver.) This is the first time I took photos of her cosplay, though I did see her in a few event, but never really took any pics of her at the time.

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

Hatsune Miku (Project Diva version)

AFA 2009 Day 1

Reach Suntec Convention & Exhibition hall around quite early in the morning to queue up for the entry tickets, luckily the queue wasn’t really that long at the time. But still I think it was already pass 10am when we finally got the tickets and the queue was insanely long at that time. With our tickets in hand we started queueing again just to enter the hall. The crowd was so huge that none of the local event that I have been to can even compare to it.

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Finally inside the hall, just walking around and taking random photos, below is the doujin booth area.

AFA 2009 Day 1

Danny’s booth, Tokyo Figure Show and Otacool.

AFA 2009 Day 1

Some of the figures that were on display, BRS looks awesome.

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

World Is Mine Miku

AFA 2009 Day 1

Mio nendoroid, too bad they don’t have Yui and Ritsu on display

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Danny Choo, the man himself was at the booth, just went there shake hand and chat with him a bit.

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

This are from Bandai booth, they have some petit size K-On! figures which looks quite cute

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Some of the model kits on display

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

The new PG 00 Raiser, awesome

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Seiyuu for one of Bushiroad game

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Some cosplayers photos that I manage to snap


AFA 2009 Day 1

Squall Leonhart

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Yuki Morikawa from White Album

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

Zero from Vampire Knight

AFA 2009 Day 1

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

AFA 2009 Day 1

Alto, Sheryl and Klan Klan

AFA 2009 Day 1

Yui from K-On!

AFA 2009 Day 1

Vocaloid Magnet

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1

AFA 2009 Day 1