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What is Wibu? What is Weeaboo? Learn the meaning and usage

If you are in love with Japanese culture, anime, manga, etc. then you’ve probably heard the word Wibu. But what is Wibu and why do people call others and where the word comes from? This article will help you answer those questions.

The Western countries that developed early should have been introduced this information and culture earlier. The word Weeaboo began to appear in the 2002s. It was originally from Waponese – created by the words wannabe and white. This word means whites who are obsessed with Japanese culture from manga, anime or even hentai.

Otaku là gì

But later when Japan opened its door to trade with Western countries, the waponese was gradually replaced by Weeaboo a few years later. In recent years, this word has become especially popular as social networks are more widely available.

Although they only know a little over the anime and manga they admire, they show themselves very knowledgeable, are the keyboard heroes with a very unique style. They claim to be Otaku types when they see some anime. Those are the people the Vietnamese community often call Wibu.

In case you want to call someone Wibu, first you need to find out the formation and its meaning. There is a note when using this phrase Wibu is only used for the Vietnamese community. When you interact or talk with your Vietnamese friend, you can freely use the word Wibu because it is a transcription from Weeaboo. As for other national groups or when you talk to a foreign friend, the word Weeaboo will be more appropriate.

wibu meme

However, this term is actually used to sarcasm who you feel is not good when they are too greedy and show themselves knowledgeable about Japanese culture through Anime, Manga. So its meaning is completely negative. If you just intend to make fun of your friend, don’t use this word, it will probably make them disrespectful.

A disrespectful and inaccurate way of calling is likely to lead to many consequences. So, please carefully study and use words carefully to avoid semantic dangers that cause bad intentions to users as well as listeners.

What is otaku? Learning about otaku culture in detail

Somehow, the term otaku is very popular among young people today. However, using more does not mean that many people will understand the term thoroughly. So what is Otaku? otaku good or bad and young people are using this much nowadays?

Otaku is a Japanese word used as a term to refer to those who are too addicted to video games, too addicted to anime, have a great interest in comic book, masquerades, 2D paper characters … so much love, that outsiders look at and consider it a crazy then, an overly futile in life. Of course the otaku are caught up in their world and don’t mind the detractors about themselves.

Its meaning refers to those who have an interest in the areas listed above, but that is only negative. Increasingly, the meaning of it became more and more negative, and up to this point, those who were called otaku were no good, but there were many who claimed to be an otaku.

The word Otaku used the first slang term for journalist Akio to refer to employees who could only sit and eat. Only a slang word in Japanese but extremely important to the cultural development of the Japanese. Nobody can identify an otaku just by looking at it in a flash. At least you have to know some important characteristics to understand.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho otaku

Otaku likes to appear in comic book stores, animated book stores. They even hunt them enthusiastically on e-commerce anime sites. Genuine Otaku will be attracted to characters, situations in a manga, any anime they know, and they will not be able to control the words of that character, the anime.

Another term that has similar meaning to otaku is Weeaboo – this word also refers to people who have an excessive passion for comics, cartoons, games, makeup … but they are people of Japanese nationality. Weeaboo is a term used to describe Japanese 2D culture from foreigners. They become otaku because they themselves want to apply it to themselves.

What is the figure? Learn about Japanese anime figures

Surely in this day and age you have heard the word “Figure” somewhere but still do not understand how it is. The main figure is the models, which are statues, which are any 3D products that reproduce the character in the story, in the movie, in the game or in the drawings.

The majority of Figures usually take the human form, also when the beast, goblins, monsters, aliens or gods … are generally any characters thought of by the artist sculpting into 3D is called a figure.

In 1980, Figure was widely popular and there were a lot of people interested in collecting with the series like Gundam or Transformer. For many people, Figure is a passion, a hobby of photography, an artistic beauty, not just pure entertainment.

Interesting collectibles figure can also be likened to collecting stamps, antiques, ornamental fish, ornamental plants, cars, etc. Collectors can display figures in their rooms to see, take pictures and create interesting, or unique, photo stories rather than interacting with them, taking pictures wherever you go in my life.

These are essentially figures figured out by Japanese artists, illustrated, created and perfected in Japan. Because of being born in the cherry blossom country, it is obvious that Japan figure has Japanese culture, from Anime, Manga, Game, J-pop to virtual singers … Most of the prototype-prototype after being completed are brought go mass production in China. So the final product you have on hand with the word “Made in China” is not surprising.

With Japanese advanced technology and strict and strictly supervised production processes, the figure products are produced perfectly, they are well-tuned, vivid colors, sharp details and precise expressions. As the original character has satisfied the label and satisfied many fans around the world in general and Vietnam in particular. So even though it’s titled “Made in China”, it is still a quality Japanese product.

Changes when Japanese anime is shown in other countries

A lot of Japanese anime films when being broadcast in other countries have to undergo shading corrections to suit children. In the conception and thinking of the people of most countries in the world, the film animation is still the only genre dedicated to children. Meanwhile, in Japan, animation is a form of entertainment aimed at all subjects, all ages with sensitive content, mature images of mature adults.

Therefore, when being exported to foreign countries, Japanese cartoons have had to undergo a lot of strict censors when radios have to make sure they are suitable for children. In many cases, the change is so great that it no longer recognizes the original work.

Even countries with open-mindedness like the United States, homosexual love is still a particularly sensitive topic, not suitable for children. So the Western station changed the relationship of Uranus and Neptune in the Sailor Moon into cousins, where there was also a transsexual of either male.

Japanese feature films are quite open to sexy things, so going abroad will definitely result in a cut off effect. There are blurred movies like this. Whenever you are watching a movie you suddenly see strange light trails, blurry dots or black dots, please understand that the movie has been edited.

The editing stage also includes the level of image rendering, removing blood stains, changing the color tone of the scene to support more bloody violence. Redrawing, painting or deleting is a common thing when editing cartoons. Negative violence images such as firearms, fire, cigarettes, and alcohol will all be interfered to suit children who are considered children.

Even a small piece like a seat belt is intervened by the editorial department, which avoids children from having a bad habit of wearing a seat belt. Where movies are shown must match the culture of that place. From changing voice voices, Japanese letters are also removed from the movie.


What is Cosplay?

If you happened to be visiting New York City over the weekend, you might have been privy to many characters standing in line at Starbucks or other eateries in the city. You may also have seen an increase of pictures on Twitter or Instagram – all thanks to Cosplay.

While not all have heard the word “cosplay” before. It is the combination of play and costume – hence the term “Cosplay”. It sees those engaging in it dressing up as characters from their favourite video games, comics, movies, manga television or anime.

The story on this is that the writer and founder of Studio Hard, Nov Takahashi had been assigned to attend the 1984 World-Con science fiction convention and was impressed by those attending who were dressed up in elaborate costumes. Upon his return to Japan, Takahashi coined the word “cosplay” based on what he had observed.

Fans of Comic Con love Cosplay

Many who attend Comic Con are fans of cosplay, and this weekend’s expo in New York was no exception. There were literally dozens of people dressed up as Iron Man, Wonder Women and Batman, let alone others such as Japanese amine characters and even some from the 90’s such as Hey Arnold.

The design and quality of the costume differed in intensity. Some are more resourceful than others and use props within their costumes. Others however simply went with over the shelf costumes versus those that went to extremes.

There are many costumes you can purchase that will not break the bank. This includes Her Dragonball Z, it retails for a mere $21 online. Yet, others often will go to online stores such as Cosplay House or Milanoo. The Dragonball Z jumpsuit was on clearance this weekend for just under $200, a small investment that can be used multiple times.

Those wishing to take it up a notch will hire others who are costume specialists to create unique one of a kind costumes. Many of those offering that type of service sell their wares on Etsy and all you need to do is send in measurements, pictures of the character you like and any special instructions.

Remember, buying costumes can become an expensive hobby. What is most important is to remember that you need to factor in the cost, the time and the quality of the costumes you want. If you want to look good, then it is going to cost you to do so and as many are only allowed one costume per event, putting thought into this is critical.

A recent panel that was put together to talk about Cosplay included Lindsey Celak. She describes to those attending the sticker price shock she felt several years ago when wanting a Giselle costume from the animated Disney movie “Enchanted. After requesting a quote, she learned it would set her back over $850. Commenting, Celak stated, “If you’re going for accuracy of the character, you’re going to pay for it. Close enough usually suffices.”

C3xHobby + other updates

Some figures updates from C3xHobby event that was held recently, for more photos and information do visit Most of the figures on display was already shown during Wonfesu, so I just posted some of the more interesting ones.

Photos via and Figure/GK
First look at Azu-nyan nendoroid prototype. So the K-ON! Nendoroids is now complete.

Some tako Luka thingy.

2009 C3×HOBBY

A promo video of the soon to be release Black Rock Shooter pilot animation. The promo vid looks good.

2009 C3×HOBBY

Black Rock Shooter, I hope she’ll be release very very soon

2009 C3×HOBBY

Black Rock Shooter Alternate, still doesn’t have a  release date yet I think

2009 C3×HOBBY

The DVD that contains the pilot animation for BRS, releasing next month.

2009 C3×HOBBY

Reimu getting the figma treatment

2009 C3×HOBBY

Valkyrie Complex, Kyrie Rason

2009 C3×HOBBY

The girl with a chain, can’t remember her name actually haha

2009 C3×HOBBY

2009 C3×HOBBY

Queen Blade Nendoroid

2009 C3×HOBBY

Canaan and Alphard, too bad the base can’t be connected together

2009 C3×HOBBY

2009 C3×HOBBY

Kokuto Azaka

2009 C3×HOBBY

Senhime from Hyakka-Ryoran

2009 C3×HOBBY

Megahouse Ranka “with a pau”

2009 C3×HOBBY

Hattori Hanzo from Hyakka-Ryoran

2009 C3×HOBBY

Looks like the new Maid Saber from Alter is the Saber Alter version.

2009 C3×HOBBY

The very very expensive  Kos-Mos GK, 54k yen. From Volks

2009 C3×HOBBY

2009 C3×HOBBY

Bonta-kun, I so want this.

2009 C3×HOBBY

Yui doll from Azone

2009 C3×HOBBY

There’s gonna be a Mio too.

2009 C3×HOBBY

Some Bleach figures from Alpha Omega

2009 C3×HOBBY

A magazine scan of Hot Toys Battle Damaged Iron Man Mark III, looks really awesome, click on the image for a larger version.

Iron Man Mark III Battle Damages ver

Iron Man Mark III Battle Damages ver

Revoltech Saber

Saber was given the honor of becoming the first Fate/Stay Night character to be release by Revoltech, she’s also the first figure from Revoltech 2G line. I ordered Revoltech Saber from Play-Asia because of the cheaper price, she arrive on Wednesday just as I had expected. As usual there wasn’t much protection around the box but fortunately Saber’s box was not damage. Before she arrive, it was posted in forums by some people who already got her she got a broken elbow right out of the box. This really got me worried but there was nothing I could do about it as P-A already shipped her out. So as soon as I received her I quickly took her out of the box and check for any broken parts and was relieve that she’s perfect.

I had actually took some photos of her on the day I received her, but I decided to retook them after I adjusted my mini photo booth a bit. I use the background cardboard from the box for the first photo. I tried to get Saber into the same post as the picture on the cardboard and this is the closest that I can pose her.

Click for larger image

The articulation is pretty good as usual but I wish she comes with different set of hands so that I can make a proper pose for this shot. But still it came out pretty good.

Click for larger image

The skirt armor have joints that allow the legs to move around. There’s a joint between the hand and the arm as well, this makes it easier to make her hold her sword with both hands.

Click for larger image

She comes with a base to help her stand and also an extension to the base for jumping and flying pose but it’s not easy to pose her in the air as she’ll needs to be properly balance otherwise she’ll just fall down.

Click for larger image

She comes equip with two swords, one a transparent sword which should be her noble phantasm “Invisible air” and the second sword is Caliburn. She should have comes with Caliburn and Excalibur though and maybe with Excalibur scabbard Avalon as well, oh well I can dream :D .

Click for larger image

Quite detail face for a small figure, I should stop calling her small as she’s actually about 14cm tall standing straight, only a head plus shorter that Kotobukiya 1/8 Saber.

Click for larger image

Kaiyodo will also be releasing Revoltech Dark Saber in July which is even cooler looking. It seems Dark Saber will comes with Excalibur. If she do then it will be great.

Visit my Flickr site for more pictures

Anime: Fate/Stay Night
Scale and Material: Non-scale action figure
Company: Kaiyodo Revoltech
Price: 2380 Yen
Released: April 2007
Added to collection: May 2007
Availability: Hobby Link Japan
Photo taken using: Canon Ixus 850IS


More photos of Dark Saber here.

Figures collection (partial)

Took this shot on the day i got my camera. I decided to put all my figures that are not in my display cabinet back into their box because they were collecting dusts. And since I was in the process of putting them back I thought I might take a picture of them in their respective packaging. In the front row from left to right you can see FSN School Uniform Sakura, Asaba Ureshiko, Alter Black Dress Saber and Kotobukiya Saber. In the back row from left to right, MF Ignis, GSC Holiday Saber and GSC Evening Dinner Sakura.230407_figurescollections.jpg

Fate-chan is here!!!

Fate-chan have finally arrive, early than expected actually, I was expecting her to reach either Friday or next week. As I carry the huge box she came in back to my cubicle, I can’t wait to open up the package and take her out. As I open the package, what I saw was disappointing, I guess what I heard was right, that Play-Asia doesn’t pack their figure shipment with enough protection.


As a comparison I took a picture of the package with my MG Hi-nu box at the bottom, the shipping box is huge. Opening it up reveal Fate-chan’s box with pieces of polystyrene all around it to protect the box. But because Fate-chan box is already as big as the shipping box, some part of the box are damage as only two side of the box are protected.


Further inspection of Fate-chan box reveal that the top and the back are slightly dented. Most probably due to lack of protection and also the custom officer that opened up the box to check didn’t put it back properly. She was held in custom for 2 days before she was release, luckily tax free :D .

Biggest pvc figure box in my collection, I should take some photos of Fate-chan box with some other figures in my collection to compare their packaging size.


Took some photos of her out of the box using my temporary photo booth. She’s too big to fit using a single background, so I had to use two, a white as the back and blue for the bottom. I still lack proper lighting as I only have an emergency light that I use as front light and a reflector so the photos came out a bit dark.

Arcus Cultus Aegeas

Click for larger image

Due to the span of her cape, I couldn’t shoot a full view of her.

“Bardiche Assault, Zamber form”

Click for larger image

Actually wanted to shoot the length of Bardiche but due to lack of space only manage to take a portion of it.

“Top shot”

Click for larger image

Try a top shot, you can see the detail of her hair, cape and ribbon.

Of all the Fate figures that was release, the Alter version is the most impressive, mostly due to the cape and the pose that depict her rising into the air. This is also my first and favourite Fate figure, the Movic version will come second but don’t think I can find that anymore.

Visit my Flickr site for more pictures

Fate Testarossa
Anime: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s (Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha)
Scale and Material: 1/8 scale pre-painted PVC Figure 

Company: Alter
Price: 6476 Yen
Released: December 2006
Added to collection: April 2007
Availability: Available at Rightstuf
Photo taken using: Canon Ixus 850IS

June purchase but where’s my Mirei-san!!

Bought 4 figures this month but only three have arrive Range Murata PSE #05 TT Butterfly, Kotobukiya 1/8 Sana Horiuchi and Kotobukiya 1/10 Lamento – Asato. Suppose to have Mirei-san as well but she won’t be arriving until either end of the month or early next month.

The PSE #05 is only 1/10 scale so she’s quite small, I am not sure how much she cost in yen but the price I bought it for is almost the same price as a 1/6 figure. The Lamento – Asato is also a 1/10 scale figure, but he about the size of a 1/8 though, comes with a grass like base, a sword and scabbard and also a drama CD. I like the transparent box he comes in, can display him without taking him out of the box. Sana is an older figure, she’s being re-release this month so I took the chance to add her to my collection. Besides figures I also manage to get two swords that I can use as props, they are quite cheap but the quality is quite good, made out of metal.

Click for larger image