Casing, Ipod stuff and Blu-Ray movie

Went to collect the motherboard that I sent for warranty claim last week, and came back with some extra stuff beside the motherboard.

Since I’ll need a casing if I want to rebuilt my e8400 PC, I got myself a new casing, NZXT Tempest EVO. The i5 gonna be using this casing while the e8400 will be using the old one. Got a CM Hyper 212 plus heatsink for the e8400 as well. Also got myself a BD-Rom drive that will be going to the new rig.


I have to remind myself next time when buying casing to check the weight first. This casing weight 11.2 kg and I had to lug it from LYP to BTS. My arm was in pain after that OTL. Casing is quite plain compare to the previous one, but bigger with more space inside.


Bought an Apple Universal Dock for my Ipod Touch. It’s just makes it more convenient to plug in my Ipod for charging and to connect it to my speakers. Came with a remote too.


My first BD movie lol, got it from PA since I have affiliate funds to burn. I have always like the first IP Man movie, now I can watch the second one on BD. This is a boxset that comes with both IP Man 1 & 2.