Another Haul!!! and Mirei?

Another haul ? Yup haha, looks like I am posting more photos of my haul than the figures itself, but I just had to post this one. Why? Well because Mirei is in it ^^ and no this Mirei is not the one I ordered from Animewild, I got this from my local store. I don’t know what happen to my Mirei from Animewild and they are not replying to my e-mails. Probably need to work out something on that soon.

Anyway beside Mirei, I got some re-ment pastries, a square barbie’s cushion/pillow thingy with some chinese take-outs and 3 firearms from  Hot Toys – Modern Firearms Collection2; a M14, a M41A R.I.S w/ M203 and a MP5 SD6.

Click for larger image