Air Gear @ BTS

Photos from a recent Air Gear photoshoot I did for a group of cosplayer that I know. It was my first time doing shoots for a specific anime and even though I did watch the anime Air Gear, I was pretty lost on how to pose them at the time. Need to do more research next time, well there’s still the outdoor shoot that is still in planning stage.

The location was at Berjaya Times Square, 6th floor, the lighting was pretty bad at the area we were doing the shoot, so had to rely on flash most of the time. Photos were edited using Photoshop to get the kinda of effect that I wanted.

1. From the left Akito, Ikki, Kazu and Sora.

2. Ikki

3. Kazu

4. Akito

5. Sora

6. Akito

7. Sora

8. Kazu on fire

9. Akito

10. Ikki dash

11. Akito

12. Kazu

13. Air Gear group

Looking forward to the outdoor shoot, where I’ll be trying some more dynamic and hopefully action shots.

The Cosplayers
Yuan as Ikki
Rayray0211 as Kazuma
Siberian_Blaze as Sora Takeuchi
Ice Cream as Akito Wanijima

Photography and editing

Shots taken using Canon EOS 400D/Rebel XTi with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.